7 Recipes to Make Drinking Water More Delightful

water recipes - how to make infused water

Do you have a hard time drinking enough water? 

We've all heard that we're supposed to be drinking at least half of our body weight in ounces. But what if you don't like the taste of water? No worries! Here's 7 ideas to spruce up your agua and help you become a detoxing machine. 

7 Recipes to Make Drinking Water More Delightful​

1. Lemon Mint Water

This is the tried and true detox water. Lemon water with a little fresh mint adds a refreshing twist. This is my number one go-to beverage since it tastes great, its easy to make, and the lemon is great for your digestive system. 

lemon and mint infused water

How to make it: 

Get a glass with some fresh water. Add lemon to taste (at least 1/2 lemon per cup) and a few fresh mint leaves. You can mash up the mint a little to release more of that minty flavor. You can make this and drink it right away or make a pitcher and leave it in your refrigerator overnight. 

Do you take your water to go? Check out this water infuser bottle. You can add your ingredients to the special fruit container inside of the bottle and simply refill your bottle throughout the day. It makes it a breeze to drink more water.

2. Raspberry Lemonade

This detox water offers similar benefits to the lemon water above, only with a different flavor twist. Fresh raspberries infuse their sweet flavor into your water and really help offset the flavor of just plain old water. 

raspberry lemonade water

How to make it: 

This is a drink you may want to leave in your fridge overnight. The raspberries take a little longer to infuse into your water. The longer you let them marinate the better infused your water will be. If you want to drink it sooner than later, mash up a few of the raspberries before putting them in.

In 1/2 gallon of water and add 3 lemons (slices or wedges) and 1/2 cup of fresh raspberries. Keep it in your fridge overnight and wake up to a refreshing glass of tasty, healthy water. 

3. Raspberry Mint 

Here's a great every day detox water. Raspberries are loaded with antioxidants and mint adds another layer to the hydrating mix. plus it looks stylish in your water bottle. 

raspberry mint water

How to make it: 

In 1/2 gallon of water: add 1 cup of raspberries​ and a few sprigs of mint. Let it sit in your fridge overnight and enjoy the next morning. This is also fun to make with sparkling water if you prefer a carbonated beverage. 

4. Berry Blast ​

If you want a berry loaded beverage, this ones for you. There's plenty of berry flavor and its loaded with the antioxidants from raspberries and blackberries. 

berry blast flavored water

How to make it:

In 1/2 gallon of water, add 1/2 to 1 cup of raspberries and the same amount of blackberries. Let it sit in your fridge for a few hours or overnight and enjoy. ​You can also add blueberries, mulberries, or any other berry you like. Experiment a little to find a blend you like.

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5. Strawberry Lime Infusion

Lime is a great way to add a little zest to your water. Its full of antioxidants and great for weight loss. Place a few strawberries in your glass and you've got a nice beverage for any time of day. ​


How to make it:

In 1/2 gallon of water add a large handful of strawberries and 1-2 limes (slices or wedges). Let it rest for a few hours and enjoy. ​You can also add some mint leaves for another layer of flavor. 

You can always add the ingredients to any pitcher you have. But if you want a more convenient infusion pitcher, check this out. It keeps the berries from getting in the way when you're pouring a glass and looks really nice. 

6. Strawberry Mint Water

Strawberries and mint combine in this water to make a slightly sweet and fresh tasting beverage.

strawberry mint water

How to make it: 

In about 1/2 gallon of water add a few sprigs of mint and a large handful of strawberries. It can help the infusion process if you cut the strawberries. Let it steep for a few hours and enjoy. ​

7. The Kitchen Sink

This blend tastes great, has a little spice to it, and its great for detoxing. The ginger adds the spice while helping with inflammation and detoxification. The lemon is great for your digestive system and the berries add a slightly sweet flavor. 

water with ginger, lemon, and berries

How to make it: 

Peel and mash the ginger a little before adding it to your water. Then add some lemon, berries, and you can add a small amount of raw honey if you like it a little more sweet. You can let this water steep for a few hours and enjoy. Alternatively, you can put it in your water infuser bottle and keep refilling it throughout the day. 

There you have it. With these 7 detoxifying and great tasting recipes you should be drinking more water in no time. I don't always infuse my water but when I do, I definitely drink more of it. Most of these recipes can also be made with sparkling water which makes for a nice little carbonated treat. Enjoy and let us know what you think. ​

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