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Are you aging as well as you want to be? As your skin ages, it loses energy and becomes less responsive to creams, moisturizers, and serums designed to keep your skin youthful. Being proactive in your skin care now (even if you're already retired) is a must if you want to slow down the development of wrinkles and fine lines. Sit down over a glass of ...errr... water? and read these 7 tips to keep your skin youthful and glowing. 

1. Sun Screen

High quality sun screen for skin care

Sun screen is one of the best things you can do to keep your skin looking beautiful. Just make sure to use a broad spectrum sunscreen that’s at least spf 15 and higher if you’re going to be in strong sun light. Also reapply every 2 to 3 hours to the face, neck and chest areas.

2. Be Gentle


Gently cleanse your skin with warm water. Water that's too hot or too cold can cause irritation to your skin and may actually cause flare ups for Rosacea. Also, when you’re drying your beautiful face, pat dry instead of using the towel to exfoliate (more on exfoliation later).

By patting your skin dry you allow it to retain some of the moisture and avoid causing irritation to your skin.

3. Moisturize

moisturizer for glowing skin

If you’ve ever used a higher end moisturizer then you’ve probably noticed that it works better and lasts longer than most “off the shelf” moisturizers.

This is because high quality moisturizers typically contain active ingredients that help it break through the outer layers of skin and hydrate the inner layers.

When you use cheap products they wear off faster because they sit on those top layers of your skin leaving you endlessly reapplying all day long while never actually hydrating your skin.

On top of that, you’re most likely putting some pretty harsh chemicals on your skin too.

So stick with higher end products (ideally organic and check the labels) because they’ll last longer, work better, and they’re much better for you.

On that note, when applying your moisturizer massage it gently in a circular motion rather than dabbing it on your skin. The massage helps increase your circulation which clears away toxins and brings nourishment to your skin causing you to look youthful well into your years.

For a quality and affordable moisturizer check out this one on amazon.​

4. Exercise

exercise for skin care

Speaking of circulation, exercising is one of the most affordable things you can do for your skin (free?..).

Doing about 20 minutes of intense cardio three times a week increases overall circulation and blood flow. This means that more oxygen and nutrients are being carried to your skin so your skin is actually getting what it needs to heal and repair quickly.

Also, cardio helps you lose weight, sleep better, and have more energy.

5. Hydrate

hydrate your skin with water

After all that exercise you’re going to need some water…

Personally, I strive to drink about a gallon per day (I get plenty of electrolytes too). The recommended amount of water is about 8 glasses per day. One of the easiest things you can do to take care of your skin and get that coveted glow is to drink plenty of water.

Water flushes out toxins (which can lead to breakouts) and hydrates your skin. Hydrated skin makes your face look firm and full (helping to minimize fine lines). 

If you’re not a big fan of water you can spruce it up with fruit, cucumbers, or some good electrolyte powder. Just make sure that you get an electrolyte that's not loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners. One that we like is called Ultima; its sweetened with Stevia and tastes great.

Another way to hydrate your skin (and minimize breakouts & fine lines​) is by getting a facial. 

Specifically a hydrafacial or, if you're luck enough to be near one, an Ionoderme Hydrojet facial. ​It uses the hydrojets (tiny jets of water with nutrient rich solution) to clean deep into your pores and remove any blackheads or dead skin/oil. The Hydrojet is a little different than the hydrafacial though because it has the capacity to use electrical charge.

The electrical charge draws the solution deeper into your skin. Meaning it goes way beyond the typical facial. Your skin gets super hydrated and the results are amazing. ​

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6. Manage Your Stress

woman getting facial, freedom genesis

​Managing stress might be easier said than done...especially if you have a high stress job in customer service, business, or one of the many other high stress jobs available these days. 

That being said, its that much more important you work to manage your stress on a daily basis. There's a few things you can do right now to help fight the stress response and negative effects of stress on your skin. 

  1.  Eat almonds, salmon, fatty fish, avocado and other foods with omega 3's and Vitamin E. 
  2. Omega 3's and Vitamin E help to fight the inflammation that happens when your body responds to stress. ​Inflammation (or the cortisol that causes it) begins to break down the critical proteins collagen and elastin.

    These proteins are responsible for keeping your skin full and wrinkle free. Once these break down, you start getting fine lines, wrinkles and the dreaded "crows feet". Ahhhhhhh!!

    Alternatively, if you don't like taking vitamins you can also get Vitamin E oil. This can be applied directly to the skin. 

  3. Meditate
  4. ​Meditation is amazing at reducing stress. Especially if you do a few minutes in the morning (right after you wake up) and a few more minutes at night (just before bed).

    It helps set you up for a more productive day, leaving you less reactive to every beep and ping noise your computer and cell phone make. And it helps you clear your mind from all of the clutter it was filled with during the day.

    Often this results in better sleep and more productivity during your day.

    (Want to learn more about Meditation? Check out this quick video on the power of meditation)​

  5. Upgrade your frequency.  The frequency is either high, low, or somewhere in between. 
  6. Now, this one may require a paradigm shift for you if you're not already familiar with frequency. However, the nuts and bolts of what you need to know is this: everything has a frequency.

    Low frequency equals a poor quality of life and high stress. High frequency equals the optimist who's annoyingly positive (but we all secretly want to be more like them).

    This is done through eating the right foods, listening to positive music, meditation, essential oils, and the Energy Genesis. 

7. Face Mask & Relax

woman getting facial

Planning a night in this weekend? Do a home facial and spa day! 

Set aside a little "me" time and follow these steps: 

  1. Exfoliate your skin (make sure to do this a maximum of twice a week though). Get a jar of your favorite exfoliant. Spend a few minutes lightly massaging it with your index and pointer fingers. Use a circular motion to increase blood flow and oxygen to your skin. 
  2. Once you're done with your exfoliation, moisturize with a high quality moisturizer or oil. Simply use the same two fingers to gently massage it into your skin. 
  3. Take a bubble bath and relax.... 

Okay, so maybe this isn't a "skin care" tip necessarily but hey, it keeps your stress down and feels good right? 

Well there you have it. 7 Quick tips to get you started on beautiful, happy, healthy skin. Start doing this today, and you'll still look like J-lo when you're in your 60's. 

And if you live near Modesto California and want someone to pamper and youth-ify your skin then give us a call (209) 968-9622. We'll help you with a personalized skin treatment protocol and tell you exactly what products to use and when (specific to your unique skin).

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