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WaterRower Vs Concept2 - woman rowing on concept2

WaterRower Vs Concept2: Which One Is The Best For You? (2023)

So you’ve narrowed your choice down to the two gold-standard rowers: the Concept2 and the WaterRower but you’re not sure what your final choice should be. You’ve come to the right place. In this post, we compare the WaterRower vs Concept2 Model D head to head. We’ll show you the pros, cons, and nuances that you probably never thought about. 

However, if you’re in a rush, our top pick is the Concept2. 

Not only is it the world’s best-selling rower, but it also focuses on key aspects such as accurately measuring workout data, allowing for full control of the intensity, and helping you stay motivated with its variety of workout programs. But in the interest of covering all the available features of both products, we’ll dive into details and look at the benefits that both rowing machines offer. 

Let’s jump in…

Concept2 Rower

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Our Rating


Concept2 Rowing Machine


The Concept2 began in 1976 when Pete and Dick Dreissigacker started making composite racing oars. In 1981, they created the first Concept2 Indoor Rower, quickly becoming the best-selling rowing machine. In fact, its our top pick for the best rowing machines of 2023. 

Simply put, the Concept2 is the gold standard of rowing machines for every competitive rower, rowing club member, and athlete. In fact, it’s the rower that’s used at the major CrossFit competitions because of how durable and accurate it is. 

The Concept2 has a sleek design and has been built for professional rowers who row for miles every day. In other words, it’s extremely reliable and durable. It also disassembles into two pieces with the click of a button so it’s easy to move out of the way when you’re done rowing. 

The experience of using the rower is unparalleled. Out of the box, it’s easy to start using it right away and requires minimal assembly. It takes about 20 minutes to do it by yourself.  

It’s available in black or light grey, and the aesthetics of this machine makes it very stylish for any home gym.

IT should be noted that the Concept2 is a fan rower which means it’s noisy so watching T.V. might not be an option while you’re rowing. That being said, if you’re buying a rowing machine, you’re probably familiar with the level of noise they can make. 

When it comes to the display, you can track watts, speed, calories, and more.

In addition, you can view your heart rate on the screen, provided that you use an approved HR strap. You can even download your stats via USB or sync them to