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Whether you’re new to yoga or you’re an advanced practitioner, you probably know there’s not a “one size fits all” yoga mat. That’s why we’ve reviewed the best mats by category and boiled it down to the top one in each section. If you have bad knees, sweaty palms, want the best one for beginners, or something else, we’ve got you covered with the top mats of 2021. Check it out: 

Top Yoga Mats of 2021 Broken Down by Category

Best For Beginners

Manduka Pro

Why: The Manduka Pro is the best overall yoga mat for beginners. It’s made from an ultra durable and body friendly PVC that’s 100% latex free. It comes with a lifetime warranty so you never have to buy another mat, its 6 mm thick and very dense to minimize the floor underneath you and offered in sizes up to 85 x 26 inches providing huge space for even the tallest individual.

100% Latex Free | Lifetime Warranty | Extra long & Wide

Best Non Slip Yoga Mat

Hugger Mugger Para Rubber

Why: The Hugger Mugger Para Rubber is a natural rubber, 6 mm thick ultra high quality non-slip yoga mat. The Surface is open celled which sticks to your hands very well without leaving any sticky residue or interfering when changing positions. It comes in a 74″ x 24″ length/width which can accommodate taller yogis and its both body friendly and recyclable.

Natural Rubber | Body & Eco-Friendly | Super Sticky

Best For Bad Knees

Jade Fusion

Why: The Jade Fusion is made from a non-amazon harvested natural rubber that’s both ultra-dense and thicker than most mats (8 mm). With the Fusion you don’t have to worry about the mat indenting and interfering with your balance since natural rubber doesn’t indent like cheaper foams. This makes it a great option for those who also need to build their stabilizer muscles without risking injury. Additionally, its 74″ long making it a good fit for those who are taller and it doesn’t contain any toxic or harmful chemicals

Natural Rubber | Ultra Cushioned | Body & Eco-Friendly

Best For Hot Yoga

Lifeform Yoga Mat

Why: The Lifeform Yoga Mat is one of the few, ultra high quality mats that works equally well in both hot and dry yoga but its grip increases even more with heat and sweat. The top layer is made from a polyurethane material that’s extremely absorbent (regardless of how much you sweat) and the bottom’s formed from a natural rubber that sticks to the ground and doesn’t shift around during vigorous yoga classes. It’s surface is closed cell so its easy to wipe clean after a sweaty class and it features incredibly useful alignment lines on the surface.

Ultra Absorbent | Lightweight | Alignment Lines | Easy to Clean | Works Equally Well in Hot & Dry Yoga 

Best Travel Yoga Mat

Yogo Travel Mat

Why: The Yogo Travel Mat features a patented folding design that prevents the bottom of your mat from ever touching the top. This is especially useful when putting your mat on sand or potentially dirty surfaces when traveling. Further, this mat folds up to about the size of a newspaper so its easy to stuff in a purse or bag and the integrated straps both keep your mat locked in place after folding and double as a way to hang dry your mat after cleaning. Overall, this mat’s top notch for anyone doing yoga on the move. 

Ultra Compact | Patented Folding Design Keeps Your mat Clean | Lightweight | Natural Rubber | 68″ x 24″ Long & Wide

Best For Sweaty Hands & Feet

Lifeform Yoga Mat

Why: The same thing that makes this mat the best for hot yoga also makes it the best mat for anyone with sweaty hands. It’s grip increases with heat and sweat, its ultra absorbent, incredibly high quality, features useful alignment lines and functions perfectly in any environment