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best yoga mats for beginners

The Best Yoga Mats for Beginners in 2023: 7 Mats That Won’t Leave You in Regret

Just about the only thing you MUST have in yoga, is a mat. It’s the piece of equipment that ties the whole thing together and without one, you’ll definitely have a hard time participating. Fortunately we’ve compiled a list of the 7 best yoga mats for beginners. And don’t worry, we’ve found top quality mats you can have in time for your next class.

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Top Yoga Mats For Beginners Reviewed

1. Manduka Pro 

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The Manduka Pro is an ideal solution for both beginners and advanced yogis. And one of the biggest reasons it’s held its spot for so long is that it carries a lifetime warranty. So if you buy it, you never need to buy another mat again…ever. 

Additionally, the Pro comes in several sizes. The first and most common size is 71 x 26 which gives an extra 2 inches on the sides. The second is 85 x 26 which is super long and great for tall people because its also extra wide. 

At 6 mm thick, this mats made from a super dense PVC that’s certified to be non-toxic and 100% latex free. The cushioning you get on the Manduka is similar in density to natural rubber. It provides you with lots of padding and doesn’t indent far enough interfere with your balance. 

At the time of this writing, there’s tons of styles to choose from and Manduka regularly brings out new styles so you can definitely find something you like. Overall, its top notch and something you can happily use for a very long time. 

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  • Two extra large lengths and widths offered so that anyone can be comfortable on this mat 
  • 6 mm thick ultra dense material so you get outstanding support while minimizing the feeling of the floor underneath you
  • Lifetime warranty on this mat so you never have to buy another 
  • Fabric finish top provides excellent grip in all situations  
  • Certified non-toxic, emissions-free manufacturing, and 100% latex free
  • At the time of writing there’s lots of styles to choose from 
  • Easy to clean, closed cell surface


  • One of the heaviest mats 
  • A few people have expressed slipping but the majority have not

2. Heathyoga Eco Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat

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The Heathyoga mat is one of the best balances between affordability (at the time of this writing) and quality for beginning yogis. Its made from a non-toxic TPE material which is a medium density foam that doesn’t indent easily or interfere with your balance. 

One of the best qualities of this mat is its extra width. It comes in a 72 x 26 inch length/width which gives you extra room on your sides. One of the main issues I have is that I’ll go off the sides of a 24″ wide mat. But with the extra two inches I never have any issues sliding onto the dirty yoga room floor. 

The top of the Heathyoga mat is covered in micro-dots which help to prevent slipping and they feel nice to grip. The top also features alignment lines to help you stay centered and – get ready – they actually do help. I wasn’t sure they would make a difference at first but they definitely did. 

Overall, this is one of the best options for a relatively wallet friendly yoga mat for beginners. 


  • Offered in lots of great colors at the time of this writing
  • Larger sized – 72 x 26 inches to prevent you from going over the sides in any pose
  • Micro-dots on the surface to help prevent slipping
  • Made from a non-toxic TPE material that’s body friendly 
  • Features alignment lines on the surface to help you stay centered during class 


  • Some people have expressed problems with slipping but its not common

3. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

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The Jade Harmony is a very high quality mat that’s essentially the baby brother of the Jade Fusion (above). It’s made from a sustainable natural tree rubber with an open celled surface that’s known to have extra grippyness without leaving sticky residue on your palms. 

It’s currently offered in both 68″ and 74″ lengths and 24″ width which gives you options to choose from based on your height. I do wish it came in a wider size but if you’re a slightly smaller person or you’ve used a normal sized yoga mat without any problems, you’ll be fine with this width. 

The overall durability and style of this mat are outstanding. It comes in a number of very cool colors and, since its made from rubber, its extremely durable. 

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  • Extremely durable so it will last you for many uses
  • Offered in multiple lengths to accommodate taller yogis
  • Open celled surface that’s slightly sticky to prevent slipping 
  • Made from a sustainable, natural, and biodegradable rubber so its both body and earth friendly
  • Lots of colors to match any style and preference 
  • A tree is planted for every mat sold 


  • Has a mild rubber smell 
  • Slightly heavier mat 

4. Jade Fusion 68 Inch Yoga Mat

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