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Manduka Vs Jade – Two of The Greatest Mats Compared in 2021

Both the Manduka and Jade mats are champions in the yoga world because they’re high quality, environmentally friendly and hold up very well even after many uses. So when it comes to comparing Manduka vs Jade, the decision can be hard to make.

It’s like comparing a Lexus and Audi, they’re both great cars and you can’t go wrong with either. It comes down to preference and comfort, just like with these two luxury yoga mats. With that in mind, let’s have a closer look at these beautiful mats.

Manduka Vs Jade Quality 

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When shopping for yoga mats in this price range you’re likely concerned about how long it’s going to last – I would be too. The winner on warranty goes to the Manduka Pro, hands down. It comes with a lifetime warranty which is, as far as I’ve seen, the best warranty of any yoga mat available. If something happens to your mat, even ten years from now, you can send it in and they’ll send you a shiny new one.

The Jade on the other hand comes with a 30 day warranty which falls a lifetime short of the Manduka Pro. Fortunately its built to last and most people find they’re able to enjoy years of regular use before needing to replace the Jade mat. And by that time, you’ve probably had a style change and want something new anyway.

Manduka & Jade Sustainability 

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Sustainability is something we consider to be very important because we want our children to enjoy a clean environment too. Both the Manduka and Jade are sustainable but not in the same way.

The Jade mat is made from natural and sustainably harvested tree rubber. This means that it’s biodegradable and they’re tapping rubber in a way that doesn’t harm the trees or environment. Essentially, this mats from the earth and returns to the earth when it’s done – making no carbon footprint.

The Manduka Pro on the other hand is made from an eco-certified PVC material that’s far from biodegradable. However, it’s non-toxic, emissions free manufacturing and 100% latex free.

So they’re making it in the most sustainable manner possible. And when you send your mat in to be replaced, they recycle the mats and use them for other purposes instead of putting them in the landfill.

Manduka and Jade Pro’s and Cons

I’ve been using both the Manduka and the Jade for a long time and I can say that neither one has many cons. I guess that’s why they’re considered two of the best mats on the market by professionals everywhere. However, neither one’s perfect so here’s the breakdown:

Manduka PRO


  • Lifetime warranty – you never need to buy another mat
  • Comes in extra long and wide sizes which gives you much more room to sprawl out 
  • Eco certified material
  • Closed cellsurface that you can basically just wipe clean
  • 100% latex free
  • 6 mm thick, ultra dense material for ideal joint cushioning
  • Super grippable surface
  • Several great colors to choose from


  • Heavy – the pro weighs between 7.5 – 9.5 lbs depending on the size you choose 
  • Surface isn’t designed for how yoga so you’ll need a towel or different mat if you mostly practice in heated environments 

Jade Fusion 



  • 74” long which works great for taller individuals
  • Made from natural rubber which has an inherent stickiness for a stable grip
  • Recyclable and biodegradable
  • Body friendly and non-toxic materials
  • 8 mm thick, dense natural rubber which is thicker than the Manduka Pro


  • Open celled surface can be harder to clean 
  • Heavy – it weighs about 7 lbs.
  • The thickness of this mat can interfere with balance at first (until you get used to it and build your stabilizer muscles)

Is the Manduka or Jade Better?

group of people doing yoga

I can’t definitively say “this mats the best for you” because we all have different needs. However, I can say that I prefer each mat for different purposes and reasons which might help you decide for yourself.

The Manduka is better for those with a latex allergy since it’s latex free. It’s also made in a larger length and width than the Jade making it better if you desire more room on the top, bottom and sides of you.

Additionally, the lifetime warranty really sweetens the pot since you never need to buy another which could save you serious money over your life if you’re a dedicated yogi.

The Jade is better for those who need the most cushioning for their joints.

At 8 mm thick it provides excellent cushioning which helps if you have sore knees and elbows since this is often where you concentrate pressure in yoga. Further, the Jade tends to have a slightly better grip for those with ultra sweaty hands.

Rubber is open celled and naturally tacky so this usually helps keep you stuck in place. However, it’s not designed for hot yoga and wins by a minimal margin over the Manduka.

If you’re commuting long distances for yoga, the lighter of the two mats in the Jade but you can also get a yoga mat bag to make transporting your Jade yoga mat easier.


I like both the Jade and Manduka and use them each for different reasons and moods. However, my personal favorite for most sessions is the Manduka Pro. It gives you more space on the top and sides, has a lifetime warranty and I don’t mind carrying a slightly heavier mat. But that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. If you’re a smaller woman, you’re commuting further to your classes or you need extra stickiness, the Jade may be the better option for you since it’s lighter and tackier. 

No matter which mat you choose though, they both have a warranty so you can send it back if you decide it’s not the right one. But let’s be honest, these are both incredible mats so there’s slim chances you’ll be able to part with it once you get it.

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