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7 Best Non-Toxic Yoga Mats Reviewed For Quality (2023)

The last thing you want when you’re practicing yoga is a chemical bath right? 

Unfortunately with the boom in yoga there has also been a boom in cheaply made yoga mats that contain some of the worst toxins out there. This is especially problematic in hot yoga because the material heats up and releases more chemicals into your skin. 

Luckily there are a few extremely high-quality, non-toxic yoga mats out there and we’ve reviewed them for you here. Whether you prefer cork, jute, natural rubber or a combination, we have reviewed the best non-toxic yoga mats so there’s a mat on this list that’s a perfect fit for you and your healthy body.

Let’s check them out…

Why non-toxic yoga mats?

With the explosion of yoga in the United States, there has simultaneously been an explosion in the production of yoga mats. Unfortunately many of the current yoga mats that you can find are cheaply made using PVC and other harmful products. The chemicals within these mats are often both bad for the environment as well as your body. 

Chinese manufacturers create these mats with dyes that contain metals, make the mats from materials that are known to be harmful to your body, and they sell them for dirt cheap. Unfortunately, your body ends up paying the price, which is exactly what you don’t want since you’re doing yoga to better yourself. 

The most common material used in cheaply made yoga mats is PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This material has been described as the most toxic plastic. In other words, you don’t want to roll around in it. Here are a few more reasons to avoid PVC according to EcoWatch

  • Hazardous production
  • Toxic additives
  • Unsafe disposal
  • Problematic recycling

PVC is a major source of phthalates which are known to be endocrine disruptors and can lead to serious health issues. 

With that said, we have put together a list of the best non toxic yoga mats that also happen to be some of our favorite yoga mats across-the-board. Whether you’re just starting out in yoga or you’re an advanced yoga practitioner who attends hot yoga daily, within this list is a perfect non-toxic mat for your practice and style.

Let’s get started…

review of non-toxic yoga mats

Reviews of the 7 best non-toxic yoga mats

Below we break down our top non-toxic yoga mat choices and give you an overview of what we like and dislike about each one. 

1. Manduka eKO lite mat

The Manduka eKO lite yoga mat is a staple in the yoga community for a number of reasons. It’s made from sustainably harvested natural tree rubber, offers excellent grip, excellent durability, and comes in a variety of stylish colors.

One of the reasons we love this mat is because it comes in both 3 and 4 mm thickness as well as 68 and 71 inch lengths. These sizes can accommodate most individuals up to about 5 ft 10 or 5 ft 11 while providing plenty of room for your asanas. 

One great thing about the Manduka eKO lite is that it’s 26” wide which is 2” wider than most standard yoga mats.

This provides excellent room on the sides and ensures that your knees don’t slip off during pigeon pose in other floor poses. It also has a closed cell surface so it doesn’t harbor bacteria and is much easier to simply wipe clean after class.

Considerations with this yoga mat are that it is made from a natural rubber which can have a rubbery smell it first. However Manduka recommends cleaning your mat to rinse off any powdery coating that may have been left in manufacturing. 

This initial cleaning process also helps to reduce any rubber smell. Ultimately, we have not had any issues with the rubber smell. It does smell like rubber, because it is rubber, but it’s not overwhelming. That being said if you are extremely intolerant to rubber you may want to consider another yoga mat on the list.


  • Extra wide on the sides
  • Comes in several lengths & thicknesses
  • Lot’s of patterns/color choices
  • Easy to clean 
  • Closed cell surface doesn’t harbor bacteria
  • Excellent grip
  • Great cushioning and firmness
  • Free from all toxins


  • A few people complained about the rubber smell
  • Several people complained that their mat had been used before

2. Jade Harmony

The Jade Harmony is another highly-regarded yoga mat within the yoga community. It’s made purely from a natural and sustainably harvested rubber with an open celled surface. It’s offered in three different sizes, 68, 71, and 74 inches which makes it long enough to accommodate even the taller yogis. 

It only comes in one with though which is 24 in. If you’re a larger person, this may or may not be wide enough for you.

Most standard yoga mats are around 24 inches wide so if you have one laying around the house, practice your asanas on it to see if it’s wide enough. If it is, then this yoga mat will be plenty wide for you as well.

Being that it is made from a natural rubber, it’s highly dense with just the right amount of springiness. It’s also 4.7 mm thick which does give you some floor feel for those who want to feel more grounded but also provides exceptional cushioning for a 4.7 mm yoga mat.

It should be noted that it does have an open cell surface which can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, the open cell surface improves grip and stickiness. On the other hand, it can harbor bacteria and therefore be harder to clean. 

We can tell you from experience that the mat does have exceptional grip. As  long as you clean it on a regular basis, you shouldn’t have any problems with yoga mat smelling. Another consideration is that it’s completely made from natural rubber so it does have the light natural rubber smell similar to all other rubber yoga mats.


  • Excellent grip 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Lots of great color options 
  • Natural rubber 
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Free from all toxins
  • Great cushioning at 4.7 mm thick


  • Only comes in 24″ width
  • Has a slightly rubbery smell

3. Jade Fusion

The Jade Fusion yoga mat is another extremely high-quality natural rubber yoga mat used by professional yogis around the world. It’s free from any kind of toxic materials including PVC, PER, TPA, EVA, and synthetic rubbers. It has an open cell, highly grippy construction and measures in at close to 8 mm in thickness. 

This extra-thick mat is ideal for anybody who suffers from joint pain or doesn’t like as much of a floor feel while they’re practicing yoga. Being natural rubber, it’s also an incredibly dense material with the perfect amount of springiness.

The Fusion is offered in two lengths, 68” and 74”,  and is 24” wide. At the 74” length it can accommodate even those over 6’ tall.

Again, this is a natural rubber mat so it will have a natural rubber smell. If this is a big issue for you or you have a latex allergy, it’s best to stay away from rubber yoga mats. However you should wash it when you purchase it because this will remove any dust left over from manufacturing as well as remove the majority of the rubber smell. 

When drying the yoga mat or any natural yoga mat, you want to avoid direct sunlight as they are meant to break down and be recyclable. When left in direct sunlight, it can expedite the breakdown process. So instead of drying the mat outside, hang it in your shower or laundry room to let it dry.


  • Ideal yoga mat for sensitive joints
  • Several color options 
  • Made from natural rubber
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Comes in 68″ & 74″ lengths
  • Excellent Grip
  • Free from all toxins


  • A little heavier that most mats because its made from rubber and extra thick
  • Does have a rubber smell

4. Basically perfect cork yoga mat

We have recommended the basically perfect cork yoga mat before because it’s an excellent choice for a cork yoga mat. For starters, cork is naturally antimicrobial material so it kills bacteria that can live within other yoga mats. It’s also very easy to clean with a simple wipe down after your class. We also like that the top of the yoga mat is completely unbranded which looks pretty awesome.

The top of the mat is made from sustainably harvested cork while the bottom of the mat is made from sustainably harvested natural tree rubber. It’s thermally bonded meaning that a rubber layer in between the bottom and top is heated so it turns into a sort of glue. 

This prevents any chipping of the cork surface which can happen with many other cork yoga mats. It’s also notable that the grip increases with heat while the natural sponginess of the cork and rubber have a very nice grip even in non heated yoga classes.

The yoga mat is free from PVC, TPE, foam, adhesives, and any other chemicals which would be toxic. It comes in one size which is 74×24” and a 5 mm thickness. We found that the cushioning for this mat is excellent and because the materials are dense, it has a nice springiness that minimizes the floor feel. And of course, it’s recyclable since it’s made from all natural materials. 


  • Cork is naturally antimicrobial
  • 74″ x 24″ in length and width
  • 5 mm thickness provides great cushioning
  • Natural rubber bottom stays in place when you put the mat down 
  • Excellent density and springiness
  • The cork top doesn’t chip or flake 
  • Free from all toxins 


  • Only offered in one size
  • Does have a rubbery smell but it’s minimal

5. Yoga design lab combination mat