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Liforme Yoga Mat Review | One of the Best We’ve Seen in 2021

Finding the best mat for you depends on a few things: Your weight, height, sensitivity of your joints, and the type of yoga you practice. The Liforme yoga mat is currently one of our favorite non-slip, heavy duty mats.

But it’s not for everyone – mostly due to what could be considered a high price tag. However, if you’re in the market for quality, this may be the last mat you ever buy. In this Liforme yoga mat review, we’ll cover everything you need to know so you can make an informed buying decision.

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Unparalleled quality

Liforme Yoga Mat

In short, the Liforme yoga mat is one of the best. It’s an ideal companion for the discerning yogi who likes both hot and non-heated yoga styles but wants a single yoga mat that performs equally well in any environment.

Overview of the Liforme Yoga Mat 

  • Stickyness: Polyurethane top absorbs any amount of liquid and maintains a high level of grippyness without interfering with posing.
  • Size: At 73 x 27 inches it’s almost 5 inches longer and wider than most mats.
  • Thickness: 4.2mm with a natural rubber bottom, cushioned felt layer in the middle and a Polyurethane top.
  • Sustainablity:  All of the materials in this mat are body friendly and sustainably sourced. 
  • Style: Currently offered in 4 colors: Grey, green, blue and pink.
  • Bonus: Includes its own yoga mat bag.

Review of The Liforme Yoga Mat

Our Rating


I’ll admit I was skeptical about a yoga mat that costs (at this time) over $100. I also wasn’t sure about the alignment marks or whether or not they would make any difference. And every mat today says “non-slip” so why should I pay so much more? In short, I wasn’t convinced this mat would be worth the money. I’m pleased to say my concerns have been put to rest. 

The lines on the mat proved to be useful for staying centered and serve as a visual cue when changing positions (you can read their instructions here but its pretty self explanatory). It’s easy to get off center and off balance during active yoga (for me at least). Since one of my big goals in yoga is to achieve “balance” both literally and figuratively, I like the constant visual reminder to do so. 

It’s made from a combination of natural rubber (bottom) and eco-friendly polyurethane on the top. The top layer is absorbent which eliminates the need for a towel and the grip is incredible. The more you sweat / warmer you get, the better your grip becomes – even in heavy sweat. One important note is that it leaves no sticky residue on your hands. I’ve used other mats that were sticky but left a layer on my palms and feet. It’s also not so sticky that it interferes when you’re changing poses. 

The Liforme yoga mat has a high end look that’s noticeable from across the room. It measures 73” x 27” making it around 5″ longer and wider than most mats; it’s 4.2 mm thick and weighs 5.5 lbs which is lightweight when compared to similar rubber mats (It also comes with it’s own carrying case). 

An impressive characteristic is that it lays flat every time so you’re never dealing with the ends curling (forcing you to roll it in the reverse direction to flatten it out). And from the moment you roll it out you can feel that its ready for action.  

We like that the Liforme mat is planet friendly.The guide lines on the mat are etched in, rather than being printed with harmful ink that could wear off on your skin. The rubber is naturally and sustainably sourced, the top and bottom layer are heat bonded which means no harmful glue, and its free from PVC and chemicals so it’s completely body friendly.


  • 5 inches longer & wider than most mats 
  • Extra grippy to prevent any sliding 
  • Doesn’t curl at the ends 
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable 
  • Etched in guide lines on the mat 
  • Durable construction 
  • Closed cell surface is easy to clean 
  • Includes a yoga mat bag 


  • At the time of writing, it’s a more expensive mat 
  • May not be thick enough for people with sensitive joints

Liforme vs Jade Fusion and Manduka Pro 

We also like both the Jade Fusion and Manduka Pro yoga mats as they’re both very high quality alternatives (read review here). While the Liforme is our favorite (personal preference) these mats are comparable in both quality and functionality.

The Manduka pro comes in 71 and 85 inch sizes making it one of that largest yoga mats but its also heavy. The Jade fusion is oversized but only 24 inches wide which may or may not be an issue for you. Both the Manduka Pro and Jade Fusion are thicker (6mm and 8mm respectively) making them a better alternative if you’re pregnant or have sensitive joints. 

One thing to keep in mind with extra thick mats is that they tend to indent while using. This can throw you off balance if you’re new to yoga or haven’t developed your stabilizer muscles yet. However, the density of the material plays a role in this. With the Manduka, Jade, and Liforme yoga mats they’re all made from high quality materials with just the right density. 

Caring for Your Mat 

Liforme recommends cleaning your mat with a tiny drop of dish soap, lemon juice or white vinegar heavily diluted in water. While the closed cell surface makes it easy to clean, Liforme recommends you clean your mat after every 5-10 uses. A few other pointers:

  • Let it dry before rolling it up 
  • Roll it up with the top side facing out 
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure

You can read more about caring for your mat here.


The Liforme mat is clearly a quality choice for anyone serious about yoga. With the extra grippy surface and it’s ability to absorb any amount of liquid, you won’t slip or need a yoga towel. The etched positioning lines make it convenient for finding and holding positions and the solid, eco-friendly construction means it’s built to last a lifetime – but just in case it doesn’t, you can always recycle it. Overall the Liforme yoga mat is top notch for advanced yogis and one you’ll be happy to have.

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