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The Best Cheap Yoga Mats of 2021 Reviewed

So you’re ready to start doing yoga but you’re not completely sold AND you’re on a budget. You don’t want to spend a bunch of money on something that’s going to end up in a dark corner of your closet like that elastic band set you found on Amazon. Well you’re in luck my friend! We’ve compiled a review of the best cheap yoga mats that anyone can afford.

Top Picks For The Best Cheap Yoga Mats

Before Buying an Inexpensive Yoga Mat

Before buying a yoga mat, and especially a lower cost one, there’s a few things to consider. Since price doesn’t always correlate with quality, you can find some really great mats for little money (and some bad one’s for a lot). That being said, there’s no one size fits all yoga mat. The one you love might not be the one your best friend likes and vice versa. So here’s a few things to consider when evaluating your options: 


First and foremost, the overarching purpose of a yoga mat is to provide traction. This is especially important if you plan on doing hot yoga because you’ll be sweaty and slipping can happen. The traction of your mat will depend on the material, the thickness, the stickiness and the texture of the yoga mat (rough, raised bumps, etc.).

The other factor is how your mat sticks to the floor below. If you’re doing yoga on a hardwood floor, you’ll want a stickier mat whereas carpet won’t need as much. The last thing you want is to wind up flat on your face in the middle of a crowded class. With that said, we’ve chosen a number of affordable yoga mats with great traction for both hot and non-heated yoga.


Mats range from about 3mm up to a full 1 inch thick. The thicker mats provide more cushioning for your joints during floor poses which can be great if you have knee, back or hip issues. Be careful though because if you haven’t mastered your balance, the thick mats can throw you off. Thicker mats are also made from more pliable material which can lead to the mat stretching while you’re in downward dog or other poses with opposing pressure. 

A thinner mat is usually made from a dense material that still provides great cushioning, doesn’t affect your balance as much, and doesn’t stretch or tear when opposing pressure is applied.

One more thing to consider about thickness is that the dense mats can weigh more. Keep that in mind because you may not feel like heaving it over your shoulder and walking to class.


The material of your mat has a big impact on softness vs. density, texture, grip and how you feel when you’re on it. Yoga mats come in several different materials these days, natural rubber, PVC, cotton, jute, hemp, bamboo and a few other synthetic blends.

Natural rubber is a personal favorite because it’s natural and extremely durable. But they are heavier and can take a little longer to dry out because you can’t throw it in the dryer like a cotton mat. And if you have a latex allergy you’ll want to keep away from rubber mats since they’ll cause irritation.

PVC is the most common material for inexpensive yoga mats because it’s the cheapest to produce. If you’re an eco-friendly person then you may want to consider going for a natural option like rubber, jute or hemp since PVC is not recyclable. There’s also a never ending debate about the chemicals used in PVC. They do contain known carcinogens so you’ll have to decide whether or not you’re okay with using one.

Cotton, jute and hemp are the more natural mats that can have either a soft resin undercoating or be sans coating on the bottom. The one’s without the resin undercoat are convenient to pop in the washer after class but don’t offer the same level of cushioning. These are sometimes referred to as “yoga rugs”. Only hardcore yogis who don’t have sensitive joints can tolerate using the yoga rugs.

What Type of Yoga Will You be Doing?

Will you be doing hot or non-heated yoga? If you’re doing hot yoga, you’ll want a mat that’s sweat absorbent. Even if you’re not someone who sweats very much, many of the positions cause sweat to pool on the mat and run down your hands. This can, and often does cause slipping that makes it very hard to focus in class.

Alternatively, you could get a yoga towel to go over your mat… but let’s stick to the mat for right now. If you’re doing basic yoga then a sweat absorbent mat probably isn’t necessary. Now lets get down to business…

Best Cheap Yoga Mats Reviewed 

1. TOPLUS Body Alignment Yoga Mat

Our Rating


The TOPLUS mat is an extra grippy mat that’s double sided to prevent slipping of your hands and slipping on the ground below. It’s made from a 6 mm non-toxic TPE foam material and guaranteed not to tear or rip even after many thorough hot yoga sessions.

The foam uses a closed cell structure which prevents things like dirt and grime from getting in so its easy to clean and won’t ever smell. Another great feature of the TOPLUS mat are the alignment lines. These are actually quite handy as you can get turned around when you’re doing yoga. The lines help you re-center and strike your asanas with ideal form.

Weight is always a concern if you’re traveling so you’ll be happy to know it’s lightweight at just over 2 lbs and measures 72 x 24 inches. Overall this is a high quality bargain yoga mat. It won’t break the bank for beginners and its built to last if you stick with yoga.


  • Double sided; non-slip surface on both sides
  • Lightweight – 2 lbs
  • Non-toxic TPE material
  • Closed cell surface keeps dirt / germs / smells out
  • No-tear technology
  • Currently offered in multiple colors 
  • 6 mm thick and dense 
  • 72″ x 24″ 


  • May not work as well on high carpet 

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Yoga Mat

Our Rating


The Sunny Health & Fitness yoga mat is 68 x 24 inches and comprised of a 6 mm (1/4 inch) thick PVC. This is probably the most basic and affordable yoga mat for anyone who is almost positive they won’t keep doing yoga. It’s good enough to get you through a month or two but not a good choice for a hot yoga class. It weighs about 2 lbs and it’s currently offered in two colors.

As far as the value, this is the definition of a cheap yoga mat and something you’d probably see a yoga studio ordering in bulk as back ups. For a few bucks more you can get something that’s much more durable and looks better, but hey, you Googled cheap yoga mats so here ya go! 


  • Inexpensive as compared to more durable mats 
  • 6 mm thick 
  • 68 x 24 inches 
  • Good for beginners 
  • Can be used for a backup mat and for Pilates / stretching


  • Made from PVC 
  • Some people complain of a chemical smell
  • Not suitable for hot yoga
  • Not very durable 

3. Heathyoga Eco Friendly Non Slip Yoga Mat

Our Rating


The Heathyoga mat is currently offered in just under a dozen different styles so there’s bound to be one you’ll like. It’s constructed from eco-friendly TPE material, measures 72 x 26 inches (extra wide) and it’s 6 mm thick. Its a little heavier than the typical mat (2.8 lbs) mostly due to the extra width. The mat features convenient markings on the surface which help guide your foot and hand positioning and a raised surface to assist in grip.

While some people have expressed slipping during hot yoga, its not common, and a towel is always recommended in hot yoga no matter which mat you purchase. From the classiness of the picture above you might think these mats would be expensive, rest assured they’re well within almost any budget and offer a good blend of durability and style for the money. 


  • Currently offered in several great styles and colors 
  • 72 x 26 inches (extra wide)
  • Eco-friendly TPE material
  • Latex free 
  • Guide lines on the mat aid in hand and foot placement 
  • Raised surface for extra grip 
  • 6 mm thick 


  • Some people have expressed slipping during hot yoga 
  • Slightly heavier than some standard sized mats

4. Sivan Health and Fitness Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Our Rating


The Sivan Health yoga mat is perfect if you desire lots of cushioning. Its constructed of a 1/2 inch thick memory foam material that’s ribbed on one side and smooth on the other. The combination of the ribbed texture and squishyness of the mat provide adequate grip for hot yoga but you should always have a towel to prevent sweat pooling. The mat is 71 x 24 inches providing more than enough space for most people to fully stretch out. 

The memory foam material is quite spongy so new practitioners who haven’t established balance should consider using a thinner / more dense material. At this time, this is a very affordable mat that provides good value and durability.


  • 1/2 inch thick
  • 71 x 24 inches
  • Lightweight ~ 1.8 lbs
  • Easy to clean 
  • Currently very affordably priced 
  • Memory foam like material 
  • Several great style options


  • May be too thick for beginners to remain balanced on 
  • Some people have complained of an off-gassing smell

5. HappYness Yoga Mat

Our Rating


The HappYness yoga mat is a 6 mm thick eco-friendly TPE material that’s 72 x 24 inches in length / width. It’s currently featured in several bright two toned colors. Its built with a double sided slip free grip that has a textured shell-like pattern on the top and ridges on the bottom. 

It weighs about two pounds and comes with its own bag for easy transportation to and from class. The foam is dense and provides nice cushioning while not interfering with your stability. Overall this is a good value for the money and should last for quite some time. If you decide to ditch yoga, you can always give it to a friend.


  • Currently several two toned color options
  • Eco-friendly TPE material 
  • 6 mm dense foam 
  • 72 x 24 inches 
  • Lightweight ~ 2 lbs
  • Includes carrying bag 


  • May hold dirt  
  • One person complained of the mat stretching during use

Our Pick for the Most Affordable Yoga Mat

As always we’re forced to pick among the great options we’ve reviewed. So the mat we feel provides the greatest mix of quality, value and functionality for the money is: 

  1. Heathyoga Eco Friendly Non Slip Mat

It currently comes in several vibrant colors, its extra wide, latex free and eco-friendly TPE material, has a raised surface for extra grip and guide lines for hand and foot placement. Overall this is the one we recommend the highest out of all the cheap yoga mats for sale.

Why We Chose This As The Best Affordable Yoga Mat

Non-Slip Surfaced 

The Heathyoga Mat has a raised texture on the surface that does a perfect job of preventing slipping. It’s known to hold up well in any non-heated yoga environment and some people have even used it in heated yoga (although its not meant for this). We never had to worry about this mat causing us any problems with slipping or sticking to our hands when changing positions. The thick texture also lets your hands sink in just enough to really grip the mat and make extra sure your hands a firmly planted.

Alignment Markings 

I’ll admit, I wasn’t convinced about the alignment lines when I first saw the mat. I thought they were more for style points than anything else. However, all of us found the lines useful when changing poses. The line down the middle helps you re-center on the yoga mat without going too far to one side or the other. It also has 45 degree lines and several other lines that made the mat beginner friendly and served as a form/positioning reminder to our more advanced yogis. You can read more about the lines on their website but we found them to be pretty self-explanatory when we started practicing on the Heathyoga mat.

Easy To Clean

We’re big on mats being easy to clean. You yoga mat is on the ground in busy yoga studios, gets rolled up onto itself, and gets sweat and other germs on it. When you think about it that way, the yoga mat’s a pretty dirty surface. The Heathyoga mat is one that’s very easy to clean and disinfect which makes it one of the best cheap yoga mats. The slightly raised surface didn’t interfere with cleaning or trap dirt as long as you simply wipe the mat in a circular motion. It’s closed cell surface also ensured that a quick spray down actually did kill the germs and nothing was secretly trapped in tiny little pores of the mat. Overall, this mat was a breeze to clean and required very little attention beyond the occasional wipe-down.

Perfect Thickness

At 6 mm thick we found this yoga mat to be just right. Some people with sensitive joints may need to opt for something a little thicker but the average person will find 6 mm to be plenty of cushioning. The TPE foam is dense so it minimizes the feel of the floor underneath you and makes a better cushion. Additionally, this dense material and 6 mm thickness is not so thick or soft that you sink in and lose balance. Some of the softer materials and thicker mats can cause you to sink which can throw you off balance – especially if you’re new to yoga and haven’t fully developed your stabilizer muscles.

Extra Space

We’re big fans of the 26 inch wide yoga mats. Often times larger individuals go off the sides when attempting lying poses such as Pigeon pose. And while an extra 2″ on the sides may not sound like a much, we found it was the perfect amount to keep all knees and elbows on the mat at all times. The Heathyoga mat is also 72 inches long making it over-sized and just right for taller individuals as well. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with this as a budget yoga mat.

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