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best non slip yoga mats

The 7 Best Non-Slip Yoga Mats That Grip Like Crazy in 2021 (And Our Top Picks)

A quality non-slip yoga mat can make a big difference in your practice. And chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably slipped before and quickly realized all mats aren’t as “non-slip” as they claim to be. Needless to say, we felt the need to boil the results down and find the best non-slip yoga mats available.

Quick Answer:

Why Should You Use a Non-slip Yoga Mat?

Regardless of the style of yoga you practice, it’s always better to have and not need than need and not have. And non-slip mats are so common and affordable that it doesn’t make sense not to have it – even if you’re just practicing in your living room.

Consider These Qualities When Mat Shopping

Before clicking the “buy” button, there’s a few things you may want to consider before settling on your purchase:


The thickness of your mat will determine, in part, how comfortable your yoga experience will be. And while it may be tempting to go for a super thick mat, keep in mind that the density of material is equally important.

A thicker mat made from a squishy material will impress when you put weight on it. This means it can throw you off balance if you’re inexperienced and haven’t fully built a foundation of stabilizer muscles. Further, this material tends to stretch when you put weight in opposite directions such as you would in downward dog.

The best option, in my opinion, is something that meets in the middle. Preferably a mat that’s made from dense material but thick enough to minimize how much you feel the floor underneath you.


Speaking to the density of your mat, if you want something that provides plenty of cushioning but doesn’t overly impress with weight applied, you’ll want a dense material. My personal favorites are the natural rubbers (down side being that they can be heavy and smell like rubber) or an ultra dense PVC material (also heavy). If you can get past the added weight, these mats typically last for years and often have high grippability making them a great option for non-slip mats.


The texture of your mat will go a long way toward preventing you from slipping. And in addition to the texture, you’ll want something that’s sticky but not so sticky that it gets in the way when you’re changing positions.

While your needs may not be the same as mine, I like natural rubber mats because they have an open celled surface that’s sticky without sticking to you. But if you’re someone who has extra sweaty palms and feet, you may want to check out this post for further information.

yoga mat with pink candles around it


Have you ever used a standard yoga mat and been fine? If so, you’ll probably be good sticking with this size (about 68 x 24 inches). However, if you’re like me, then you went off the side of your mat in certain poses which can be a painful/dirty experience.

If this is the case, then rest assured, there’s larger mats available for you. Personally I like something that’s 71 or more inches long and wider than 24 inches. The other benefit of having a larger mat is that it gives you more space between you and your neighbors.

What Yoga Style Will You Be Doing? 

The style of yoga you’ll be doing is something to keep in mind when you’re mat shopping as well. If you plan on doing hot yoga mostly, then you’ll want a mat that’s designed for hot yoga and not the standard non-slip mat. Here’s our recommendations on hot yoga mats. But if you’re mixing things up between hot and cold yoga’s, you should be in good shape with one of the non-slip mats below. Should you find yourself needing more though, you can get a yoga mat towel to use on your hot yoga days.

Other Considerations

There’s no doubt you have some ideas about your budget and style already so I don’t think I need to talk about that. However, since I’ve mentioned natural rubber a few times you should know there’s a few things to consider before buying a rubber mat:

  1. It can smell like rubber – usually more when you first get the mat
  2. If you have a latex allergy you may need to stay away from natural rubber

If neither of these are okay with you then you’ll want to keep that in mind when you’re looking around. Beyond that, you may want to consider your stance on eco-friendliness. Some mats are more friendly to the environment and your body than others. But we’ve included mats that are sustainably made on this list so not to worry if you buy one of our recommendations. 

Review of the Best Non-Slip Yoga Mats

1. HeathYoga Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Our Rating


The Heathyoga mat is a quality choice that’s (at the time of this writing) on the more affordable side of non-slip mats. Its 6 mm (about 1/4 inch) thick and its made from TPE material. The thickness is decent if you don’t need a ton of cushioning for sensitive joints and the TPE is moderately dense to minimize the mat from indenting and interfering with your balance. 

I like the texture on the surface which Heathyoga calls “micro-dots”. It feels nice on your skin and helps add the extra layer of slip protection. As far as size goes, its currently offered in a 72 x 26 inch length/width which is great for someone who’s taller and wants a wider mat.

I don’t have any problems going off the side of a 26″ wide mat which I really appreciate. Overall this is a quality mat for most standard yoga styles so you shouldn’t have problems with slipping. However, if you’re primarily interested in hot yoga, you’ll either want a yoga towel to go on top of this or you’ll want to get a mat specifically for hot yoga. 


  • Available in several great colors that all look high quality
  • Comes in a 72 x 26 inch size which makes it a perfect size for almost anyone up to about 6’4″
  • Eco-friendly TPE material which is odorless and non-toxic
  • Latex free so its a good alternative to natural rubber
  • Guide lines on the mat which help you stay on center and get more from your practice 
  • 6 mm thickness for decent padding


  • A few people have expressed problems slipping however its not very common

2. Jade Fusion 74-inch Yoga Mat

Our Rating


The Jade Fusion mat is a wonderful mat that would get five stars if it weren’t priced as high as it is (at the time of this writing, that is). Its 8 mm thick (about 1/3 of an inch) and its made from dense natural rubber. Both the thickness and material are great because it provides tons of cushioning and its dense so you won’t lose balance from the mat giving in. 

The top has a nice fabric like texture which does a great job of being non-slip. And since the mat is made from natural rubber, its also open celled and sticky so it could function well in hot yoga if you’re not a profuse sweater. The primary down sides with this mat are that its on the heavier side (7.8 lbs) and has a rubber smell that does diminish over time but not completely. 

Beyond that, its one of the better mats on the market and one that most yogis swear by. 


  • 74″ long so it can accommodate taller yogis. 
  • Made from natural rubber which is both dense and recyclable 
  • Non-toxic and contains no harmful chemicals
  • Extra thick to provide plenty of padding for sensitive joints 
  • A tree is planted for every mat sold


  • Has a rubber smell
  • Its a heavier mat 

3. Aurorae Classic

Our Rating


The Aurorae Classic is a quality mat made by a family owned company here in the United States. And while they make a number of mats, the Classic is a quality made non-slip mat that’s, at the time of this writing, very affordable. The Classic is 72 x 24 inches and also comes in the “ultra” if you’d like a wider/longer version (78 x 26 inches).

As for the thickness and density, its a 6 mm, non-toxic PER (resin) which is a medium density material. It has just enough padding to feel nice but its not as dense as a natural rubber. If you have sensitive joints, you may want to use the Jade Fusion or one of the other dense/thick mats. 

The only dislikes with this mat are that the ends have a habit of curling. While this doesn’t get in the way, I like my mats to lay flat. And a few people have had issues slipping but its not a problem for most people. But if it is a problem, your Classic mat carries a 2 year warranty so you can easily send it back and get something else. Read the full review here.


  • 72″ long making it long enough for taller people
  • Earth friendly materials that don’t smell or contain any toxic chemicals 
  • Free rosin bag included to enhance the stickiness of your mat 
  • Free strap included with your mat purchase 
  • Currently offered in 12 colors to match any style 
  • 2 year guarantee on your mat so you can send it back if there’s ever an issue


  • A few people have had issues slipping 
  • Top and bottom edges have a tendency of curling

4. Manduka Pro 

Our Rating


The Manduka Pro is a high quality mat that gets less and less slippery as you break it in. It’s made from a 6 mm thick PVC which, as you know, is not biodegradable but your mat comes with a lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry about polluting landfills. You just send it back to Manduka and they’ll recycle it for different purposes. 

While it’s made from PVC, its an ultra-dense PVC that’s similar in density to natural rubber. This is great because it provides lots of comfort for a reasonably thick mat. It also won’t squish down on you or interfere with your balance. 

The primary draw back on this mat is its weight. The standard PRO is 71 x 26 inches and weighs 7.5 lbs and their over-sized PRO is 85 x 26 and weighs 9.5 lbs. While this might not be a big deal if you have a strap and don’t have to travel far to class, its still something to keep in mind. But overall, the Manduka is a super high quality mat that’s built to last a lifetime. 


  • Extra long and wide to accommodate individuals of any size
  • Eco-certified to be friendly to the planet 
  • Guaranteed for life – you can send it back and get a new one at any time 
  • Features a proprietary non-slip pattern 
  • Several nice colors to choose from 
  • Non-toxic material 


  • Heavier than most mats 
  • At the time of this writing, its a moderately expensive mat 

5. Hugger Mugger Para Rubber

Our Rating


The Hugger Mugger Para Rubber has been around for quite some time and remained a favorite among experienced yogis. Its constructed from, what else, natural rubber. Its 6 mm thick (1/4 inch) and dense so it provides decent cushioning for joints while not squishing down when you need your balance. 

One of our favorite things about this mat is how well it keeps its grip. The open celled rubber has a surprisingly sticky texture without sticking to your hands or leaving any funky residue. As far as the size, its currently offered in a 70 x 24 inch length/width which may feel cramped for those 6′ and over but feels good for smaller individuals. 

The primary drawback of this mat is the rubbery smell. You’ll notice it when you get your face close to the mat but it will diminish in time. However, if you’re extremely intolerant of rubber then you may want to try the Heathyoga or Manduka Pro. 

Overall, the Para Rubber is a very high quality non-slip mat that should last you for quite a long time. 


  • Extra sticky grip to prevent slipping even with moderate sweating 
  • Made from natural rubber which is earth friendly and recyclable 
  • Doesn’t contain any chemicals so its safe for your body 
  • The dense material provides great cushioning to minimize the feeling of the floor 


  • Rubbery smell but not intense 
  • Currently only offered in the one size

6. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

Our Rating


The Jade Harmony yoga mat is the little brother to the Fusion. And being the little brother, you can expect the same high quality construction. In fact, the look and feel are almost identical. The difference lies in the size, thickness, and price. The Harmony is 3/16″ (4.76 mm) so it’s much thinner and lighter than the Fusion. It’s also offered in a few different lengths, colors, and at the time of writing it’s much more affordable than the Fusion. 

As far as grip goes, the surface is an open-cell natural rubber that has a lightly sticky feeling. Not enough to interfere with poses but enough to help you keep your hands in place throughout your asanas. That being said, while open cell surfaces are good for grip, they do tend to hold bacteria so you have to deep clean your mat at least once a month. 

If you’re considering a Jade mat but want one that’s more affordable and a little lighter, the Harmony is great. 


  • Made from natural rubber that’s sustainable harvested
  • Excellent grip on the surface of the mat 
  • Almost 5 mm thick so it offers a great padding while remaining lightweight 


  • Not good for anyone with latex allergies 
  • Rubber smell 

7. IUGA Pro Non Slip Yoga Mat

Our Rating


The IUGA yoga mat is a relatively new addion and closely resembles a Lululemon yoga mat and the liforme mat. It’s built with a sweat absorbent polyurethane top layer that’s very absorbent and has a firm yet spongy feeling. This top layer holds it’s grip exceptionally well in hot yoga but works almost just as well in non-heated yoga classes.

The bottom layer, on the other hand, is made from an eco-friendly and sustainably harvested natural tree rubber which keeps the mat from stretching or warping and holds it nicely in place wherever you set it down.

Even better, it weighs just 2.5 lbs and it’s super affordable. So if you’re looking for an affordable non-slip yoga mat, the IUGA Pro is a great option.  


  • Sweat absorbent polyurethane top layer performs excellent in hot yoga and nearly just as well in non-heated classes
  • Natural tree rubber bottom that sticks in place
  • Certified body friendly materials 
  • No rubbery smell when you take it out of the box


  • Some people report their mat staining easily 
  • The corners tend to curl


While all the mats on this list are good options, there’s a few that are great as non-slip yoga mats. Our favorites are:

Both of these mats provide a stable, non-slip grip for all dry forms of yoga and both could work in mild sweat conditions (although the para rubber would work best in moderate sweat).

The Para Rubber excels if you’re a moderate sweater and under about 6′ tall since its a stickier, open celled mat. Its also made from a denser material (natural rubber) so if you need a little extra cushioning for your joints you may want to consider getting this one.   

If you need a larger mat, the Heathyoga mat is longer and wider providing you some extra real estate. Its not quite as dense as a natural rubber but still provides plenty of cushioning in a more lightweight package. It’s textured surface is non-slip and performs well in all forms of dry yoga.

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