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best yoga mat for sweaty hands

The Best Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hands | 2021 Review & Buying Guide

Sweaty hands shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your yoga practice. However, if you’re like us, you’ve probably gotten burned before. When we did an Amazon search for “non-slip yoga mats” the results were overwhelming. Nearly every mat had “non-slip” in the title. But as we dug around, we found there weren’t many that actually did what they said. So we went on a search for the best yoga mat for sweaty hands and consolidated the best options for you.

Quick Answer:

How to Choose The Best Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hands

You’ll know your style and how you like your mat already. But there’s a few other factors you might want to think about before settling on your final purchase.


There’s a fine line between sticky and way to sticky. An ultra sticky mat can interfere when you’re trying to change positions and may leave residue on your hands and feet. On the other hand, a mat that’s not sticky enough can have you slipping and sliding with on sweaty palms. There’s a balance between these two worlds so it’s a factor we pay close attention to. We’ve done our best to find the mats that offer stickiness and grip without being overly sticky.


While you can get a yoga towel to absorb sweat, it’s not necessary if your mats absorbent. While either option can work perfectly to keep you from slipping, we’re focusing on the best yoga mat for sweaty hands and not towels right now. While there’s no one size fits all mat, there’s a few that do absorb copious amounts of liquid without missing a beat. Others aren’t absorbent but maintain high gripability even in very sweaty conditions. 


While this isn’t a huge factor if you’re only carrying your mat from the house to the car and class, it’s something to consider. A 100% natural rubber mat’s going to weigh more than a lightweight jute mat for example. Keep this in mind when choosing your yoga mat if you don’t feel like lugging a 9 lb mat around.

Latex Allergies?

Consider your allergies when choosing your yoga mat as well. If you have a latex allergy, for example, you’ll want to steer clear of natural rubber and mats that contain any latex or latex materials.


If you’re in an active yoga class then you’ll be starting, stopping, pushing and pulling on your mat all the time. This motion can wear holes in your mat and have you replacing it every few months. A mat that’s made from thin / cheap material wouldn’t be the best option in this case. We’ve found natural rubber to be almost indestructible but if you have a latex allergy, opt for a dense material that’s latex free.


If you have sensitive joints or you’re pregnant, you’ll probably want more cushioning to support you. While you may be tempted to get a 1” yoga mat, keep in mind that thicker material can be squishy and throw you off balance. If you’re not an advanced yogi then you may want to consider a mat that’s a little thicker but made from a dense material that won’t give as much.


This may or may not be a deal breaker for you but either way it’s something to keep in mind. With so many companies that do support the environment and use non-toxic materials, it’s easy to find a high quality non-slip mat that’s also biodegradable; So why not opt for something earth friendly.


There’s nothing worse than bumping into sweaty strangers in a crowded yoga class. It’s gross right? A larger mat buys you some real estate between you and your neighbor so you’re not rubbing elbows. And if you’re taller, you definitely want a longer / wider yoga mat so you have space to move without going off the sides. 

The Best Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

Lifeform Yoga Mat

Our Rating


Read Full Review

I was initially skeptical about this mat (mostly due to its high price at the time of this writing). However, it’s proven to be an incredibly high quality mat that can absorb any amount of sweat without losing an ounce of grip. 

Here’s a few quick highlights and you can read the full review here.


  • 5 Inches longer / wider than most mats
  • Extra grip for slippery hands 
  • Doesn’t curl up at the ends 
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable materials 
  • Durable construction 
  • Etched guide lines for for positioning on the mat 
  • Includes a nice yoga mat bag
  • Closed cell surface for easy cleaning


  • At the time of this writing, it’s a more expensive mat 
  • May not be thick enough for people with sensitive joints

Manduka PRO Yoga And Pilates Mat

Our Rating


The Manduka PRO comes in a 6mm thick ultra dense PVC which is both latex free and nontoxic. Its not designed to be absorbent or the ideal solution for heavy sweaters but it has a fabric like finish which prevents slipping in low levels of sweat. If you’re a heavy sweater, you will need a yoga towel or mat that’s designed to be absorbent like the Lifeform (above). 

As long as you’re not in hot yoga, the fabric like finish holds its grip well. The Manduka PRO is a heavy mat due to its dense material. The 71 x 26 inch weighs 7.5 lbs and the over-sized 85 x 26 weighs a whopping 9.5 lbs. This isn’t an issue for your local yoga class but not ideal for a travel mat

Overall its a high quality mat that’s guaranteed for life, currently offered in a variety of colors and works well for your hands in low / average sweat conditions.


  • Comes in large and extra large sizes 
  • Eco-certified
  • Guaranteed for life 
  • High quality material that’s very durable
  • Proprietary no-slip pattern 
  • Several colors to choose from 
  • Nontoxic 


  • Heavier than many mats
  • May not work for slippery hands in heavy sweat conditions 

Jade Fusion Yoga Mat

Our Rating


The Jade Fusion is a popular mat for sweaty hands all over the world. It’s made from all natural rubber which is extremely durable. At 8 mm thick this mat provides a ton of cushioning but may throw you off balance if you’re new to yoga or used to thinner mats. The natural rubber is open cell which can be a little harder to clean than a closed cell structure but not so hard that it’s a deal breaker. 

A few things to be aware of are that it is natural rubber so if you have latex allergies, this won’t be a good choice for you. Natural rubber mats may also have a rubbery smell which may or may not bother you.

It’s over-sized at 74″ leaving plenty of room for tall yogis. It weighs 7.8 lbs which is heavy but on par for a solid rubber mat that’s 74″ long. It should never tear, lay flat every time and provide enough cushioning so you don’t feel the ground below you. The grip is excellent for sweaty hands and overall it’s a quality non-slip mat for even high sweat conditions. 


  • 74″ long 
  • Made from natural rubber
  • Recyclable 
  • Nontoxic and contains no synthetic plastics 
  • Extra thick for sensitive joints
  • They plant a tree for every mat sold 


  • Currently only offered in two colors 
  • It’s a heavier mat 

The Combo Yoga Mat

Our Rating


The Combo Yoga Mat by Design Lab is a super cool mat. There’s currently a dozen unique styles you can choose from. It weighs only 4.1 lbs and its built of a natural rubber bottom and microfiber top layer that’s made from recycled bottles which looks/feels like suede. The print on the mat is a no-fade water based ink that’s body friendly. 

The mat overall is high quality and (at the time of writing) a more affordable option than the mats mentioned above. While some people have expressed slipping, the overwhelming majority of people with sweaty hands and feet have no problems and love the combo mat. The microfiber top layer is absorbent and prevents sweat pooling or the need for a towel. The mat itself is machine washable which is a huge convenience (you have to hang dry). And the entire package is comfy and eco-friendly.


  • Sweat absorbent & quick drying top layer 
  • Made from natural rubber and recycled bottles 
  • 70 x 24″ 
  • Lightweight ~ 4.1 lbs
  • Machine washable 
  • Slip free for most people
  • Doesn’t bunch because the towel is attached 
  • At time of writing it’s affordably priced 
  • Carrying strap included 


  • 3.5 mm thick may not be enough for sensitive joints 
  • Some people have expressed slipping

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

Our Rating


The Jade Harmony mat is made by the same company as the Jade Fusion above. It offers the same eco-friendly, natural rubber, made in the USA benefits as the fusion but (at the time of writing) it’s less expensive. 

It’s made from naturally sourced tree rubber which is incredibly durable but if you ever decide to get rid of your mat, its recyclable. The open cell structure keeps this mat grippy for individuals with sweaty hands but it does not absorb sweat. The main dislikes are that natural rubber can have a strong odor at first so you may have to clean and air it out before using. The other is that it’s made from natural rubber which does not absorb sweat so, while you won’t slip, you may need a towel to prevent sweat from pooling. 


  • Extremely durable 
  • Great grip
  • Natural rubber (recyclable)
  • Eco-friendly 
  • A tree is planted for every mat sold 
  • Available in several great colors 
  • Offered in two sizes – 68″ and 74″
  • Lighter than the Jade Fusion (4.6 lbs)


  • May have a rubber smell at first 
  • Doesn’t absorb sweat 

Conclusion and Our Pick 

After considering the best yoga mats for sweaty hands, its time to pick a winner. Our absolute favorite is the Lifeform Yoga Mat. Even though, at the time of writing, its the most expensive mat on the list, you’re getting your moneys worth.

It’s longer / wider than most, super sticky without interfering with your position changes, stays where you put it, has a closed cell / easy to clean surface, its eco-friendly, and an overall a superb yoga mat. That being said, if its not in your budget, both the Jade Harmony and Jade fusion are good alternatives. They don’t have the same absorbency or closed cell surface but they’re durable and grippy for anyone with sweaty hands. 

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