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Best yoga mat for carpet - women doing yoga on yoga mat on carpet

Here Are The Absolute Best Yoga Mats For Carpet in 2021

If you practice yoga at home and you’re asking yourself, “what’s the best yoga mat for carpet?”

Don’t worry, we have you covered! 

While there’s no “one-size-fits-all” yoga mat, we have a thorough list for you. In this post, we reviewed 9 different mats for you with all the pros and cons narrowed down to help you decide which yoga mat fits your lifestyle best.

For those in a rush, we narrowed it down to our top three below. Honestly, all of the yoga mats on this list are great so it was super close and very hard to choose. But, here are our favorites:  

Our Top Picks

woman doing yoga with yoga mat on rug in house

Do yoga mats work on carpet?

Yes, yoga mats DO work very well on carpet. While they’re designed to be grippy on the bottom to stick to hard floors, that doesn’t affect how well it works on carpet. in fact, it can actually help your yoga mat stay in place on your carpet even better.

There are some differences though…

It’s important to note that when performing yoga on a carpeted floor, there’s more movement due to the extra give of the carpet and underlying padding. 

This means cheap yoga mats may be more subject to tearing if made from foam and other weaker materials. 

With that said, we chose yoga mats which are high quality (not necessarily high priced) and built to last so you wont run into any problems.   

Another important note is that since you do have this extra padding on the carpet, you also may not need as thick of a yoga mat – even if you have sensitive joints. 

With that in mind, let’s check out the yoga mats…

Our pick of the top 9 best yoga mats for carpet

Below are 9 different yoga mats that work exceptionally well on carpeted floors. We’ve reviewed each one for you and giving you the pros and cons to help you decide which fits your needs and style best.

1. Liforme Yoga Mat 

Our Rating


We like the Liforme for so many reasons. In fact, we wrote a full review of the Liforme yoga mat a while back.

In general, this is one of the best yoga mats on the market. It’s highly versatile and very much built with quality in mind. 

Its first purpose is as a hot yoga mat. The top is made from a polyurethane that’s highly sweat absorbent and maintains an exceptional grip with any amount of liquid. However, it works just as well in non-heated yoga like you would be doing at your house. 

Something you’ll immediately notice are the lines on the surface.

These function as alignment markings designed to help you with your asanas. At first, I thought this was a gimmick. After using the mat, I can say, I didn’t realize how off-center I was most of the time during yoga. It’s helped a lot.

It comes in one size – 73 x 27 and 4 mm thick. 

It’s significantly wider than almost all other yoga mats meaning you have tons of room to move around.

The entire mat is made from eco-friendly components (the bottom is natural rubber) and you can really feel the quality when you use it. When you set the mat down, it perfectly unfolds with no curling and stays firmly in place throughout even the most active forms of yoga.

Overall, it’s one of our favorite yoga mats and maybe the best in all categories. And while it’s one of the more expensive yoga mats, we think the price is justified for someone who plans on doing yoga for a while


  • Very good grip on the surface – works well in both hot and non heated yoga’s. 
  • Alignment lines on the surface help you stay centered and improve your form in asanas. 
  • Sustainably made and non-toxic.
  • Extra wide – 27″ which is much wider than most standard yoga mats.
  • Excellent quality – you can feel it when you pick the yoga mat up. 


  • Limited styles available.
  • More expensive than most mats.

2. Manduka Prolite

Our Rating


We’re big fans Manduka yoga mats and the Prolite is no exception. It comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns which means you can match any style you want. It also comes in two sizes,71 x 24 and 79 x 24, which makes this an exceptional yoga mat for taller individuals. 

It’s 4.76 mm thick and made from a high-density, non-toxic foam that doesn’t fade or peel even after several years of use. The thickness and density of the mat mean that it works very well for both carpet and harder surfaces without giving you joint aches. 

After getting this mat, you’ll want to clean it a few times.

Out of the box, the grip is a little slippery. It’s likely due to the residue that’s left on all yoga mats during the manufacturing process (it’s non-toxic so don’t worry). But after a few scrubs with either a castile soap or salt and baking soda, it’s fully grippy and ready for your yoga class. 

The surface of the mat is closed-cell which means it’s very easy to clean and doesn’t harbor bacteria like an open-celled surface. That’s not to say that open-cell mats have bacteria, they’re just a little harder to clean. With the Prolite, you simply wipe the mat down and you’re good to go. 

Overall, the performance on carpet is great. It doesn’t move around on you, offers the perfect cushioning, and doesn’t curl up at the ends. 


  • Closed cell surface doesn’t harbor bacteria
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-toxic 
  • Emissions free manufacturing 
  • Excellent grip
  • Doesn’t peel or fade
  • Perfect cushioning
  • Lightweight


  • A few people report slipping but it’s possible they didn’t properly clean the mat before using

3. Anja Natural Jute Yoga Mat

Our Rating


If you like a more natural feel to your yoga mat, you may want to consider the Anja jute yoga mat. 

Jute is a natural, coarse fiber that’s used to make burlap so you may be familiar with the material.

However, it doesn’t feel as rough as a burlap sack. Instead, this mat is made with a combination of natural jute fiber and PER foam that provides a softer texture. The jute top does feel a little rougher than other materials at first but many people who buy this mat get used to it and enjoy using it.

It comes in one size: 72” x 24” and 5 mm thick. 

Again, it’s a dense material so you don’t have to worry about it interfering with your balance. The standard among high-quality yoga mats is that they’re dense so pretty much every yoga mat in this price range is going to be dense without too much give. 

Overall, the grip is good but not the best. It seems like its a bit of a mixed result on this. The PER foam is mixed with the jute so if your mat gets a little too much PER mixed with the jute, it can make the mat softer and slicker.

However, I will say that this seems pretty rare and they have excellent return support so, if you happen to get one with less grip, it’s very easy to send back. Overall, we really like this as a yoga mat for carpet. 


  • Includes a carrying strap. 
  • Very awesome looking colors and styles. 
  • Completely different than most yoga mats so its unique and stands out. 
  • Great support for your joints. 
  • Biodegradable material that’s free from BPA and other harmful ingredients. 
  • Lightweight and portable – easy to transport from one place to another. 


  • The grip may be a little rough for some people. 
  • Only offered in one length/width. 

4. Jade Harmony

Our Rating


The Jade Harmony is another yoga mat that’s famous among professional Yogi’s. All of the mats are made from naturally sourced tree rubber and the company mission is one that anyone can support.

What we like about the Jade Harmony for a carpet yoga mat is it’s exceptional cushioning and high-density. Being made from natural rubber, it offers great support but not so much give that it affects your balance on the carpet. 

Because we all know that when there’s too much give, it can interfere with your balance and ability to perform poses until you’ve built the proper stabilizer muscles.

The harmony comes in three lengths, 68”, 71”, and 74”, so it can accommodate taller people. It’s 4.76 mm thick just like the Manduka Prolite so you’re getting a mat that can perform on both carpet and hard surfaces. 

What we like about the Harmony is that its grip is very sticky due to the open-celled surface. 

Admittedly, the grip on open-celled yoga mats can be slightly better than closed-cell surfaces. But at the same time, an open-cell surface takes more care to stay sanitary. However, if you’re not planning on taking this to hot yoga, you won’t sweat on the mat enough to make this an issue for you. 

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a natural rubber yoga mat though. 

For one, it’s made from rubber and smells like rubber. So if you’re allergic to rubber/latex, or can’t stand the smell then this probably isn’t the best choice for you. Secondly, it’s heavy. It weighs almost 4.5 lbs which isn’t a big deal if you’re doing yoga in your room but something to consider if you’re planning on toting the mat around on your travels. 

That being said, it’s a very high-quality yoga mat. When you pick it up, you can tell you’re holding something that’s made to last. The grip, cushioning, and size are all excellent so it’s a solid choice for a yoga mat to use on carpet. 


  • Ultra dense material provides great support
  • Excellent grip
  • Lot’s of colors
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Extremely durable so it will last for many years
  • Made from sustainable natural rubber
  • A tree is planted for every mat sold


  • Heavy because its made from natural rubber
  • Open celled surface takes a little more care to clean

5. Gaiam Yoga Mat

Our Rating


Gaiam is a well-known company among beginner yogis. They’re not known for producing the highest quality products but they’re more like the Target of yoga companies. Their products are good, they check all the boxes, and maintain affordability. They do most things good but nothing exceptional. 

However, when you’re looking for an affordable yoga mat that works on carpet, this is a good option. This particular mat comes in 68” x 24” and 6 mm thick. It’s made in more patterns than you can shake a stick at and it’s made from a non-toxic PVC. 

The downside of PVC is that it doesn’t break down in landfills and requires wasteful manufacturing processes. But the upside is that it’s very affordable and the yoga mats tend to last for a long time.

The grip on the Gaiam is also very good for a non-heated yoga like you would do at home. It’s lightweight and moderately dense so it doesn’t interfere with balance even when using on the carpet. Overall, it’s a decent option as an affordable yoga mat.


  • Offered in many styles and prints
  • Affordable and functional as an inexpensive yoga mat to use on carpet
  • Very good grip for non-heated yoga
  • Easy to clean – just wipe the surface down
  • 6 mm thick which provides lots of cushioning


  • Made from PVC
  • Several people reported theirs having a strong chemical smell.

6. Manduka eKOlite

Our Rating


We’ve written about the Manduka eKOlite before. Its an excellent option as an alternative to the more expensive Manduka yoga mats while maintaining the same quality and style as the other Manduka Products.

The eKOlite is made from biodegradable natural tree rubber with non-toxic foam and dyes. It’s also 99% latex-free and the company adheres to zero-waste manufacturing.

The eKOlite comes in two sizes, 71” x 24” and 79” x 26”, and 3-5 mm thickness. The longer and wider version is one of our favorites. 

Personally, my knees go off the sides of narrower yoga mats in certain positions so I really appreciate the extra few inches offered. However, I’m over 6’ tall so if you’re not quite as tall, a standard 24” mat will work perfectly for you. 

The natural rubber grip on the top provides excellent slip protection but you should wash your mat when you first receive it. There’s sometimes powder left on the surface that can make the mat slippery but after cleaning, it grips very well. 

For cushioning, it’s made to be dense and provide excellent padding without too much give. It doesn’t interfere with your balance on carpet and it’s built to last you a lifetime. Overall, this is an excellent mid-range yoga mat. 


  • Great balance of cushioning and floor feel. Works extra well on already cushioned surfaces like carpet. 
  • Excellent grip on the surface. 
  • No PVC or harmful dyes.
  • Closed cell surface which you can simply wipe clean. 
  • Lots of great colors and styles offered. 


  • May have a rubbery smell out of the box. 
  • Only offered in 24″ width. 

7. Plyopic All-in-One Yoga Mat

Our Rating


We recently recommended the Plyopic all-in-one yoga mat as one of our top picks for the best non-toxic yoga mats. All of the materials used in the mat are SGS certified and non-toxic – including the dyes used to make these amazing patterns. 

Its offered in one size and thickness: 71 x 25.5 and 3.5 mm thick. 

It has a natural rubber bottom with a micro-suede top that’s very soft to the touch. Being 3.5 mm thick, you would only use this on a hard surface if you’re experienced or if you like the floor feel.

However, for carpet, 3.5 mm isn’t a problem because you have the extra padding offered by the floor. 

The surface of the mat has a “soft-grip coating” which does indeed feel very soft on your hands. The grip is perfect and since the top is cloth, it could also work as a hot yoga mat. Overall, we really like this yoga mat for many reasons and it’s a great option for carpet. 


  • Made with SGS Certified materials. 
  • Extra wide on the sides (25.5″)
  • Very unique patterns – our favorite being the magic carpet style. 
  • 3.5 mm thickness makes it a great choice for anyone with very padded carpet. 
  • Free from toxins. 


  • Some people reported slipping in hot yoga.
  • May be too thin to use on harder surfaces.

8. IUGA Pro Non Slip Yoga Mat

Our Rating


The IUGA pro yoga mat is a new one to us and we like it so far. It’s an extra-large mat (72” x 26”) and 5 mm thick while staying lightweight (2.5 lbs). The primary ingredient in the yoga mat is TPE foam (which is eco-friendly and non-toxic) with some natural rubber mixed in. 

The quality and feel of the mat are excellent as well.

While the ends of the mat do have a tendency to curl, it wasn’t a big deal for us. The grip was also excellent and you can tell it would work well at absorbing sweat. 

However, there were several people who took the mat to hot yoga and, after a few months, the mat began to melt and change shape. This won’t happen if you’re using it in your house but I wouldn’t recommend it for hot yoga. 

As an indoor, carpet yoga mat, it’s a good option that’s both affordable and good quality.


  • Very good grip even in non-heated yoga’s. 
  • Closely mirroring some of the higher end yoga mats but for a lower cost. 
  • Several unique and stylish colors available. 
  • Very easy to wipe clean. 
  • Lightweight. 


  • Several people reported the mat melting/warping after hot yoga. 
  • Several people reported staining on the yoga mat. 

9. Yoga Design Lab Infinity Mat

Our Rating


Yoga Design Lab makes great products. We’ve often recommended their combination mat as an affordable mat for hot yoga so it’s no surprise that we would like their new Infinity mat. 

As a yoga mat for carpet, it works very well. 

It’s 5 mm thick with a natural rubber base and polyurethane top that’s super dense. This means that it won’t sink or throw you off balance during your asanas. 

When you pick up the Infinity mat, you feel like you’re picking up a quality yoga mat.

It weighs almost six pounds (due to the natural rubber) so when you put it down, it stays in place without moving or curling at the ends. And it works equally well in all environments including on carpeted floors.

It’s built very similarly to the Liforme yoga mat (the same materials) so you can expect the same high grip and sweat absorption. If you’re considering the Liforme, this is a close contender and comes with a slightly lower price tag.


  • Excellent cushioning – the base is a natural rubber with just the right amount of support. 
  • Nice and dense, you can feel the durability of the mat. 
  • Close competitor to the more expensive Liforme yoga mat. 
  • Works equally well in hot and non-heated yogas. 
  • Lots of colors/patterns available. 


  • One person reported the top peeling. 
  • May be a little heavy for a yoga mat you carry around. 

Our Picks: The Best Yoga Mats For Carpet

The one you pick will ultimately be determined by a number of factors including style, budget, how often you do yoga, and more. And all of the yoga mats on the above list are built with quality in mind so all of them are great options. But, we had to narrow it down for you just to make it a little easier. 

The first two are more expensive than most of the yoga mats you’ll find. However, we believe that you get what you pay for in many cases and with these two mats, you really do get quality for your money.

The Anja, on the other hand, is much more affordable. It’s not a match for everyone but it’s an excellent mat and we chose it as number three on the list because of how unique it is. We really like the performance, quality, and style of this mat as well. It works well on carpet and its one you’ll be happy to own.  

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