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15 Of The Best Yoga Mats On Amazon in 2021!

What are the best yoga mats on Amazon? Well, there’s a huge variety. Fortunately, we’ve reviewed more yoga mats than you can shake a stick at and we have some thoughts on the best ones. Below you’ll find a wide variety of yoga mats available on Amazon and we’ll fill you in on what we love about each one. 

Let’s get right to it…

Our top picks for the best yoga mats on Amazon

Reviews Of The Top Amazon Yoga Mats

Below we look at 15 of our favorite yoga mats on Amazon. We’ll show you what we like, dislike, the specs and more. Let’s check it out…

Manduka Pro

Our Rating


Starting at the top of the list is the Manduka Pro. This yoga mat has been a staple in the yoga community and is definitely one of our favorite yoga mats overall. The Manduka Pro is made from a high-density PVC foam that’s eco-friendly, non-toxic, and zero-emissions manufactured. 

It’s available in an oversized 85” x 26” which gives you a tremendous amount of space on the top and sides. It’s also 6 mm thick which provides excellent cushioning for your joints and, being that its dense, it really works well for this purpose. 

Another huge perk to this yoga mat is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. If yours ever breaks down or has an issue, you send it back to Manduka where they’ll reuse the mat for packing material and send you a bright and shiny new yoga mat.

Jade Fusion

Our Rating


Perhaps equally as popular as the Manduka Pro is the Jade Fusion yoga mat. It’s made from a dense natural rubber with an open-cell surface that’s known for its high grippability. It’s offered in two lengths which are 68” and 74” and a single width of 24”. The width is the same as most other yoga mats so if you don’t have issues with those, you’ll enjoy the Fusion. 

It’s also almost 8 mm thick and it’s one of the thickest natural rubber yoga mats available. If you have sore joints or just don’t like the feeling of the floor underneath you, you can’t go wrong with this yoga mat. 

A few more perks with this Fusion are that its sustainably made, body-friendly, and recyclable. However, if you’re someone who has a latex allergy, you’ll want to keep away from this one and any natural rubber yoga mat since they can aggravate latex allergies. If you don’t have a latex allergy, then you can join the ranks of most yoga instructors and become the proud owner of a brand new Jade Fusion yoga mat.

Liforme Yoga Mat

Our Rating


We’ve reviewed the Liforme yoga mat in detail before and it remains as one of the best yoga mats for hot yoga. For those who really want a high-end yoga mat built for hot yoga, you can’t go wrong with this one. 

It features the alignment marks similar to the Heathyoga mat mentioned above. These help you remain centered throughout the class and help you properly align your feet and body in every pose.

The top layer is built from an absorbent polyurethane and the bottom is made of natural rubber. When you set this mat down, you don’t deal with the ends curling or your mat moving around. It simply stays put where you place it. 

It’s also generously sized at 72.8” x 26.8” making it almost an inch wider and longer than even the larger yoga mats on this list. At just 4.2 mm thick it’s built for those who prefer a little floor-feel but the polyurethane top and rubber bottom provide more cushioning than you would expect from a mat that’s just 4.2 mm thick. It weighs 5.5 lbs so that should give you some idea of how solid it really is. 

If you’re a discerning yogi who likes the finer things and enjoys hot yoga, you will absolutely love the Liforme yoga mat.

Heathyoga Yoga Mat 

Our Rating


One of our favorite affordable yoga mats, the Heathyoga checks all the boxes. It’s oversized out of the box and measures 72” x 26” giving you plenty of room on the top and sides of the mat.

Another feature to love is the alignment marks on the top. Admittedly, we didn’t think these would make a difference. However, after using the Liforme and now this one, they actually do make a pretty big difference. They help you remain centered on the mat throughout your session and keep proper form which, as it turns out, is a big deal.

The Heathyoga’s made from a lightweight TPE foam that’s super firm and provides just the right springiness and cushioning. Speaking of cushioning, it’s also 6 mm thick which is great knee protection. At the time of this writing, you can pick it up in any of the six colors it comes in and, we must say, they’re both unique and stylish colors.

Manduka PROlite 

Our Rating


Another Manduka yoga mat? That’s right. When a brand consistently makes top quality products, you can’t help but feature several of their most popular ones on a list of the best yoga mats on Amazon.

The PROlite is just like the pro, but lite. It’s a little smaller (71” x 24”), a little thinner (4.7 mm) and that’s about the gist of the differences. With the PROlite, you get the same exceptional lifetime warranty, it’s made from the same eco and body-friendly material, has a closed-cell easy to clean surface, and grips tighter than your grandma in the front seat of a rollercoaster.

It’s an excellent yoga mat that, at the time of this writing, is more affordable than the full pro version. 

IUGA Pro Yoga Mat 

Our Rating


The IUGA Pro is a relatively new contender but one that’s already proven it can hold its weight among the current leaders. It’s built as a combination yoga mat with a polyurethane top that absorbs sweat and works very well for hot yoga.

When it comes to moving it around, it’s a breeze. The mat weighs just 2.5 lbs meaning it’s easy to roll up and toss in a yoga mat bag or put a yoga strap around and throw it over your shoulder. It’s also made from eco-friendly products that don’t stink or smell like chemicals. The bottom of the mat is made from a sustainably harvested rubber that stays in place where you put it so you can get to work on striking yoga poses. 

We also appreciate the generous size of the IUGA pro. It’s offered in one size that’s 72” x 26” which means you won’t have to rub elbows with your sweaty yoga neighbors. Overall, it’s an excellent Amazon yoga mat. 

Plyopic All-in-One Yoga Mat

Our Rating


The Plyopic is a great hot yoga mat that comes in multiple unique patterns including one that looks like a magic carpet. It’s completely eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, and body-friendly. All of the materials are SGS certified and the top layer is thermally bonded to the bottom so there are no harsh glues. 

It measures 71 x 25.5 offering plenty of space on the top and sides for you to move around. It’s just 3.5 mm thick so you’ll feel the floor underneath you. The natural rubber bottom, even though its thin, is very dense so the cushioning is good for such a thin mat. The top surface is a microfiber layer that’s designed to absorb sweat and the grip increases as you do. Plyopic also offers a money-back guarantee so if you’re not happy you can always send it back. 

It’s important to note that the mat performs best when it’s moist. So if you sweat a lot or do hot yoga then it’s perfect. But if you aren’t practicing hot yoga and don’t have sweaty hands/feet, then this wouldn’t be the best option. Instead opt for something like one of the Manduka yoga mats or the Jade Fusion.

Yoga Design Lab Infinity Mat

Our Rating


Another great combination yoga mat, the Infinity mat comes with a sweat-absorbent polyurethane top and a natural rubber base that give it a solid feel and versatile functionality. At 5 mm thick, it’s just thick enough to be right for people who like some floor feel but also thick enough to provide adequate cushioning for most people’s bony parts. 

The top layer is, in fact, great at absorbing sweat and the grip improves as the mat gets damp and warm. Cleanliness is a big factor with a mat that’s designed to absorb sweat. We recommend you purchase a separate antibacterial cleaner like the Asutra yoga mat detox or you can make your own with essential oils. After using your mat, you can just spray it down, wipe it off, and leave it unrolled to dry. 

When it comes to your space on the mat, it measures 71” x 24” making it 3 inches longer than the standard yoga mat making it a good fit for slightly taller individuals. It’s also a relatively heavy yoga mat (6 lbs) which is common for yoga mats made with/from rubber. It’s not a deal-breaker for us by any stretch but something to be aware of if you’re walking or biking to class.

Anja Natural Jute Yoga Mat

Our Rating


The Anja jute yoga mat is one of our favorite jute yoga mats. The top layer is comprised of the natural jute fiber which is excellent for grip while the bottom layer is a dense PER foam that provides a spongy and firm padding. At 5 mm, it’s also just the right thickness to provide some floor feel with just enough padding for your bony joints. 

We really like the designs that the Anja is offered in.

They’re very natural and kind of give that “good for the earth” vibe while remaining cutting edge at the same time. At the time of this writing, it’s offered in one size which is 72” x 24” giving you 4 extra inches in length over the standard sized yoga mats. 

This is an excellent mat if you need something for non-heated yoga and like the look. It’s moderately lightweight (4.4 lbs) which makes it easy to transport to and from your classes but also heavy enough to not feel cheap. This isn’t an ideal mat for hot yoga since the material isn’t designed to absorb sweat. However, you could use it in hot yoga if you had a separate yoga towel to place on top of your mat. 

Overall, the Anja is an extremely useful and versatile yoga mat that’s body-friendly, eco-friendly, and performs like a rock star.

Basically Perfect Cork Yoga Mat

Our Rating


Not every cork yoga mat works in both heated and non-heated yoga. Most of the cork yoga mats need a little heat and moisture for their grip to really kick in. However, the Basically Perfect cork yoga has the right amount of natural stickiness to work for a non-heated. Don’t get me wrong, in hot yoga, it really shines but for everyday home yoga sessions, the grip is perfect. 

One of the great things about natural cork is not just that it’s sustainably harvested and good for the environment, but also that it’s antimicrobial. Cork naturally kills the bacteria that most other yoga mats hold on to. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to clean it because it’ll lose the stickiness and look shabby, but it means that you’ll have a healthier experience in general. 

The Basically perfect measures 74” x 24” and 5 mm thick. This length is great even for anyone that’s around 6’ tall. The width is the standard 24” which isn’t a problem but a little wider would be nice. The bottom layer of the yoga mat is made of natural tree rubber that’s thermally bonded to the cork so there are zero harsh glue or chemicals in this yoga. The naturally bonding process also creates a top layer that doesn’t chip or crack (something you often see in lesser quality cork yoga mats). 

If you like the look and springy feel of natural cork and rubber and want a yoga mat for both hot and non-heated yoga, you can’t go wrong with the Basically Perfect.

Yoga Design Lab Combination Mat

Our Rating


We’ve covered the Yoga Design Lab combination mat before and we still really like it as a hot yoga mat. Similar to the Plyopic yoga mat, it has a rubber bottom layer with a microfiber top layer that’s designed to increase in grip as you sweat. Being that it’s designed specifically for hot yoga, you need the top layer to be moist for the best grip so it wouldn’t be a yoga mat you would use at home. 

The combination mat doesn’t use any harmful chemicals or dyes and it’s actually made from recycled bottles which we think is pretty cool. When it comes to maintaining your combo mat, you can just toss this one in the washing machine and line dry (out of the sun) which makes it super easy to keep your mat germ free. 

It’s offered in one size at the time of this writing (70” x 24”) which is only 2” longer than the standard yoga mat. If you’re over about 5’ 10”, you may feel a bit cramped. It’s also just 3.5 mm thick so if you have sensitive joints this isn’t going to provide a whole lot of cushioning. However, if you prefer the floor feel and want a thinner yoga mat for your hot yoga sessions, you can’t go wrong with the combination mat.

AIMERDAY Natural Jute Yoga Mat

Our Rating


The AIMERIDAY jute yoga mat is completely different than most of the other yoga mats you’ll find. It’s comprised of natural jute fiber on the top and natural tree rubber on the bottom. This makes your yoga mat completely reversible (although the pattern is only on the one side) so you can switch between using jute or rubber for your yoga mat. 

Its offered in one size at the time of writing which is 72” x 24” and 5 mm thick. The jute grip on the top of the mat is coarse and absorbs some sweat but there have been a few reports of people slipping (although it’s not common). As with any natural rubber mat, it’s a little heavier weighing 6 lbs which may be a little cumbersome if you’re traveling long distances to and from class on a bike or walking. However, this weight also gives your mat a solid, high-quality feel and prevents curling at the ends which is nice. 

One of the other things we appreciate about the AIMERDAY is that its machine washable. They recommend you wash it in the machine on cold with detergent (no bleach or fabric softener), roll it up with a towel to remove excess water, and then hang dry in your shower. 

They include a free carrying strap with your yoga mat and if you’re not satisfied for any reason, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee so you really can’t lose.

Yogo Travel Yoga Mat

Our Rating


The Yogo travel mat is our favorite compact travel mat for the yogi on the move. It features a patented folding and buckle system that keeps the dirty bottom of your mat from ever touching the top. The buckles also keep the mat folded up to about the size of a rolled-up newspaper so it can fit in almost any bag or clip on the outside of a backpack. Most travel mats don’t include the integrated buckles which mean they either unfold or, best case, you have a square that can’t be clipped onto your bag. 

The Yogo is made from entirely natural rubber with a surprisingly sticky grip on the surface. Your feet and hands will stick without slipping but the mat won’t stick to them so much that it interferes as you’re changing asanas. In order for your mat to fold and be lightweight enough to use as a travel mat, it has to be thinner. The Yogo measures 68” x 24”, it’s just 2.5 mm thick, and weighs only 2.1 lbs. Even though it’s thin, the natural rubber is very firm so you’re getting a good amount of cushioning in a small package. 

It’s also super simple to clean. You just wipe it down or wash it in the shower and the buckles then work as built-in hangers for hang drying your yoga mat. Its our top choice as a travel yoga mat and if you plan on traveling, doing yoga at the top of a mountain, or just want a simple yoga mat you can take with you, the Yogo is a top choice.

Jade Harmony

Our Rating


The Jade Harmony is the younger sibling of the Jade Fusion above and another mat that’s extremely popular among knowledgeable yogis. The Fusion is made from natural tree rubber just like the Fusion but it’s offered in 68”, 71”, and 74” lengths which gives you a little more flexibility. 

The width is the same 24” and we suspect that’s because they’re relatively heavy yoga mats even with the standard width. The Harmony is also a little thinner. It’s 5 mm thick vs the Fusion which is 8 mm thick. This cuts the weight down to just 4.3 – 4.5 lbs depending on the size you purchase. 

The Harmony has the same positive qualities as the Fusion for the most part. Aside from being a little thinner and lighter, it has the same sticky grip, its made from the same dense rubber, and it’s even offered in more colors than the Fusion (at the time of this writing). If you’re getting a yoga mat as a gift or you want a yoga mat you can walk around with, the Harmony is a very high-quality option

Hugger Mugger Para Rubber

Our Rating


The Para Rubber may be the stickiest of all the natural rubber yoga mats. Its open-cell surface and texture of the rubber make it stick to your hands like crazy without leaving any residue. But it’s also not so sticky that it clings to your hands or interferes with your pose changes. They’ve somehow struck the perfect balance here.

When it comes to specs, it measures 70” x 24”, is 6.35 mm thick, and weighs a whopping 6 lbs. It’s a relatively heavy yoga mat to tote around which may or may not be a deal-breaker for you depending on how far you travel with your mat. But the natural rubber it’s made from offers superior joint cushioning and being over 6 mm thick you’ll have no trouble with bony parts hurting during your asanas. 

One thing you’ll notice about the Para Rubber is that it’s designed to be extremely durable and withstand years of daily use without breaking down. It’s still recyclable but as long as you don’t dry it in the sun it’ll last for a very long time.


When it comes to picking the best yoga mat on Amazon, there’s no easy choice. We’ve reviewed many, many yoga mats over the last few years and all of the ones on this list have emerged over the course of time to become our top recommendations in many categories.

However, our top TOP picks for almost anyone are the Jade and Manduka Pro yoga mats. They’re the most versatile, they offer nice colors, great padding for your joints, and they’ve stood the test of time. That being said, every single mat on this list is excellent so you’ll ultimately be happy with any choice you make from this list.

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