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The 5 Best Yoga Mat Bags in 2021 & You MUST Check These Out!

Getting a yoga mat bag is kind of like getting pockets on your pants for the first time. You’ll wonder why you haven’t had it all along. When searching for the right yoga bag, it’s easy to assume its a simple style choice. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Some bags only fit the thinnest yoga mats and others are made from heavy, non washable fabric that smells because you can’t clean it. The ideal yoga bag is easy to clean, fits your mat, looks stylish and makes it easy to carry your mat (ergonomic). In this post we review 5 of the best bags for conveniently transporting your yoga gear and give our recommendation.  

The Best Yoga Mat Bags:

  • Yogii Yoga Mat Bag
  • Aurorae Yoga Multi-Purpose Sling Bag
  • Yoga Sak
  • Hotdog Yoga Rollpack
  • Manduka Go Play Yoga Mat Bag

Quick Answer:

Our favorite is the Hotdog Rollpack. Your mat goes in the center of the bag keeping the weight balanced and accommodating even large / heavy mats. It has a full sized pocket to hold your clothing without getting wrinkled, can be carried like a duffel bag or worn over the shoulder using the long detachable strap. Another great feature is that it has multiple pockets for your other gear and features a water bottle pocket with a bungee to keep it in place. Its an overall durable and convenient way to carry your things to and from class.

See it on Amazon here.

Choosing the Best Yoga Bag

A yoga bag can be one of the most convenient items you purchase. Rather than using a mat strap and then carrying your purse and other items separately, you can carry everything all in one tight little pack. But before rushing out and buying one, you may want to consider a few things: 


You have your own unique style. Whether it’s your clothes, accessories, the car you drive or the yoga bag you carry. There’s so many options that you don’t have to compromise your style for functionality; You can get both.

Your Mat

Think about the type of mat you have. If you use a heavy mat, such as the Manduka pro, you’ll want a bag that’s built to hold a heavy and thick mat. You’ll also want something that keeps the weight in the center rather than off to the side because a heavy mat can make your bag lopsided and cumbersome to carry. 


Ideally, the fabric of your yoga mat carrier is breathable, durable and easy to clean. It should also be able to handle many washes without breaking down at the seams.


Your yoga tote should be built so that it can easily hold your mat (whether you have a thin or thick mat). It should also be ergonomic and easy to carry. There’s yoga mat backpacks that are super easy to carry and yoga tote bags that resemble a purse and may not be so easy. Whichever style you choose, the strap should be reinforced (they can get heavy), fit comfortably on your shoulder, and be versatile enough to fit your water bottle, towel, change of clothes and anything else you might need.


Price is usually a consideration when buying any product. You don’t want to break the bank but you also don’t want a bag that’s going to break on you. We get it. We consider price with everything we review but don’t make it the determining factor. If something’s expensive (relative to comparable products), this can be okay as long as the quality, style and durability make sense. However, if it’s unjustifiably expensive, we’ll make sure you know why (but it probably won’t be on our list in the first place).  

The Best Yoga Mat Bags

Hotdog Yoga Rollpack 

Our Rating


The Rollpack is a very cool concept for a yoga bag. Its built like a duffel bag with two short straps to carry in hand and one long strap which can be worn over the shoulder. It has a water bottle pocket on the outside and 8 different compartments for storing everything from your clothes to your cell phone. Your yoga mat fits into the center making this a balanced weight pack which can support yoga mats of any weight. 

One of the best features about this bag is that it has a large compartment to keep your change of clothes clean and wrinkle free (see video below). The only downside of the compartment is that you have to unclip and unroll the bag to get your clothes but it takes about 4 seconds to unroll so it’s not a deal breaker. 


  • Your yoga mat goes in the center making this very easy to carry and able to hold any mat 
  • Full size pocket holds your clothing with minimal folding so it doesn’t get wrinkled 
  • Two shorter handles mean you can carry it like a duffel bag and it has a long strap which you can wear over your shoulder
  • Water bottle pouch can hold a 32 oz water bottle easily and has a bungee to keep it in place 
  • Multiple pockets on the outside for cell phone, makeup, yoga straps, etc. 
  • Sturdy plastic clips keep your bag closed tightly 
  • Long strap is detachable 


  • The compartments are not large enough for yoga blocks 
  • You have to unroll the pack to get your clothes out 
  • Currently only 2 colors available 

Yogiii Yoga Mat Bag 

Our Rating


The Yogiii bag is a simple, minimalist styled shoulder bag which can easily fit your mat, water bottle, a towel and keys/wallet. The material itself is a durable and soft cotton canvas which is double stitched at the seams to prevent tearing. The main pouch is large to include your yoga mat and water bottle. On the side there’s a large pocket for your yoga towel (or water bottle) and inside of this pocket is a smaller zippered pocket for your keys / wallet / phone.

The only thing we dislike about this tote is that the outside pocket is positioned on the side so you have to wear it over your left shoulder. If you were to wear it on the right side, your towel pocket would be against your body. It’s also much shorter than it looks in the picture. It’s 30″ long which may be too short for taller women. 


  • Durable Cotton Fabric 
  • Fits your water bottle and towel easily 
  • Zippered pocket on the inside for keys & wallet 
  • Currently offered in 5 colors 
  • Machine washable (must hang dry or risk shrinking)
  • Easily fit mats up to 1/2″ thick 


  • 30″ length may be too short for some women 
  • Pocket positioned on the outer left side

Aurorae Yoga Multi-purpose Cross Body Sling Bag 

Our Rating


The Aurorae yoga bag works as a backpack and yoga bag all in one. The pack has several large pockets which can be used to hold a laptop, books, a towel, yoga block and anything else you might need. The side has a water bottle holder and there are multiple zippered pockets for your wallet, keys, cell phone, etc. I like how the strap can be easily extended to be worn over your shoulder or as a sling. And it has a sturdy plastic buckle that can be un-clipped to put it on or take it off quickly.

Its guaranteed for two years so if anything does happen you can return or exchange it. The clips on the side can hold mats up to 5 lbs so if you’re using something like the Manduka pro, it won’t work for you. Overall it’s a good bag for lightweight materials but not designed to hold heavy items. This may be a good choice if you want a less expensive and light weight yoga bag you can wear on a bike / walk to yoga class and don’t need to carry heavy things. 


  • Large zippered pockets which can accommodate all your yoga gear or a laptop if you do yoga before work 
  • Side water bottle holder which frees up space inside of your bag 
  • Can be worn as a sling or shoulder bag which makes it a good option if you ride a bike to class
  • Currently 10 different colors and styles so you’re bound to find something you love 
  • Lightweight material is easy to clean and doesn’t weigh you down 
  • 2 year guarantee so if you do have any problems with the zippers, seams or anything else you have 2 years to send it back or exchange


  • Several people have had issues with the zippers
  • Not designed to hold mats weighing more than 5 lbs 
  • A few people had problems with the seams starting to come unraveled 

Yoga Sak 

Our Rating


The Yoga Sak is a backpack style carrier that’s built around your yoga mat. It’s design makes it ergonomically friendly since the heaviest item (your mat) runs through the center like a plumb line balancing the vertical weight. The sak itself has two straps so it can be worn like a backpack and the material is a 420D polyester which is lightweight and adequate for toting yoga items (mat, blocks, straps, etc) but not as resilient as something like a Jansport backpack.

I like the large back pocket which can easily fit your yoga blocks, towel, straps, etc. without causing the bag to become unbalanced. Inside there’s several pockets to keep your ID, wallet, cell phone and other small items safe.

A few people felt the nylon was too lightweight and not durable enough. It is a lightweight bag and not meant for traveling long distances with heavy weight. But if you’re traveling to and from yoga class on a bike or walk, this is a well built bag that should last you quite a while. 


  • It’s design keeps the heaviest item (your yoga mat) in the center which keeps your bag balanced even with heavy mats 
  • It has straps on the back so you can wear it like a backpack and bike/walk to and from yoga class 
  • Currently offered in 6 styles including a rugged camo which is different from other bags on the market 
  • Large outer pockets which can fit your yoga blocks, towel, straps or other items 
  • Inner pouches and pockets keep your phone, keys and wallet safe and in place during your travels 


  • A few people have reported the seams tearing on their bag
  • Several people have reported that the zippers felt cheap and one said the zipper began to come off

Manduka Go Play Yoga Mat Bag 

Our Rating


Manduka’s Go Play bag is for the yogi on the go. It wraps around mats of any size, features buckles to quickly release your mat, its water resistant and has one 5 x 8 inch pocket. The pocket is only big enough to fit personal items like your wallet, keys and phone so you will have to carry other items you bring.

The strap makes this a quick and hands free way to grab your mat, throw it over your shoulder and go! Think of it like a yoga strap, but with a pocket. It’s not a great option if you need something to carry your yoga blocks, towel, water bottle, etc. but if all you need is a durable mat carrier with a pocket, this is a great choice. 


  • Eco-friendly materials are used in all of Mandukas products so you’re supporting the environment 
  • Weather and water resistant just in case it starts raining on your way to class 
  • Quick release buckles so you can get your mat out and get down to business faster 
  • Currently offered in 6 different colors / styles so there’s likely one you’ll like 
  • Long strap so you can be hands free and carry the mat over your shoulder 


  • Small pocket only big enough for personal items 
  • Two individuals reported zipper problems after 2 years of use 


As you can see there’s a variety of bags, materials and styles of yoga bags available. We isolated 5 of the most popular bags with different styles and benefits and each of them are good options for the right person and need. However, our favorite bag for overall functionality and convenience is the Hotdog Yoga Rollpack

Its an incredibly functional bag with a well thought out design. It has a large pocket to keep your clothes from getting wrinkled. The outside is a durable canvas like material that won’t rip or tear easily. It can hold yoga mats of any size and weight, can be carried or worn over your shoulder and has several compartments for your water bottle and personal items. Overall, its a great bag you’ll get to enjoy for a long time. 

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