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5 Best Yoga Towels For Hot Yoga in 2023 | You’ll Never Slip Again

Are you slipping and sliding on that non-skid mat they sold you at Lululemon? It’s a common occurrence with the massive surge in the popularity of hot yoga. These days there are as many yoga products as there are yogis and with each of us having different needs (and some of us have slippier hands than others) how do you know the best option for you?

While I can’t say this one towel is the ultimate best option for every.single.person. I can say that I’ve done a heavy amount of research and testing over the last years and feel qualified to review and give a recommendation on the best yoga towel for hot yoga. 

Our top Picks

What is a Hot Yoga Towel? 

A yoga towel is a specially designed towel that goes on top of your yoga mat to keep it dry and prevent you from sliding around during hot or “Bikram” yoga. The towel also ads another level of hygiene to your practice because it can be washed after your session. 

Now I know what you’re thinking, “can’t I just use a regular towel?” The answer is yes. There’s a *but* coming. BUT a regular towel isn’t designed to fit your mat, doesn’t have non-slip technology, usually bunches up, and doesn’t look cool. That being said, yes. Yes you can use a normal towel…

Something to ponder: Over the past few years there have been innovative new lines of yoga mats which eliminate the need for a towel. It’s a difficult task to create a mat that can actually accomplish this but we’ve seen a few. The quick answer: Our favorite one is the Lifeform Yoga mat. It’s a bit of an indulgence (one of the more expensive) but for serious yogis, it’s the one.

Best Yoga Towels For Hot Yoga – Reviewed 

Manduka YogiToes Skidless Towel 

Our Rating


The Yogitoes towel is stylishly designed, heavy duty and delivers on its promise: you won’t slip. In fact it seems to work better and better the more sweaty you get. We’ve had this towel for about 6 – 8 months now and used it no less than 100 times. It’s never bunched up or slid around in any conditions, it’s maintained its color well and the edges have not frayed one bit. Manduka has recently released the street art inspired designs (like the one pictured above) which adds a whole new level of coolness. 

I will say that I read one persons complaint that their towel faded a little. Since the dyes are not the typical heavy chemical type, I can see how this could happen. But ours haven’t faded at all as far as I can tell. Overall we really like the quality of the Manduka Yogitoes. Its clear that it will last for a very long time and even though its (as of this writing) more expensive than some of the other towels, its worth the money. 

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