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intention yoga towel review

Intention Yoga Towel 2023 Review – Is It Any Good?

Every yogi needs a good towel right? If you’re doing hot yoga on a regular basis, no matter what mat you use, you should always have a good towel next to you. You don’t want to be that person that slips and falls face down in a pool of sweat. In this review, I’m going to cover the pros and cons, durability, style and overall quality of the intention yoga towel. So let’s get started! 

Who Needs a Yoga Towel?

If you have a nice mat and you’re doing hot yoga now or plan on doing it soon, you’ll want a towel. It’ll take you about 15 minutes in hot yoga before you’re dripping sweat and if your mat gets slick, you’ll spend the whole class trying not to fall instead of enjoying yourself. 

While these towels are designed for hot yoga, if you have a mat you love but find yourself slipping or wishing it had more padding, a yoga towel could help you as well. You can place the towel over your mat and it won’t slip or bunch and it ads an extra layer of comfort for you. Both beginners and advanced yogis could benefit from having a yoga towel; especially if you do hot yoga.  

What is the Intention Yoga Towel?

A yoga towel goes over your mat to absorb sweat and keep you from slipping. Some have rubber nodules on the bottom which add grip so it doesn’t slide around on you. Others like the intention towel have pockets which go around the corners of your mat to keep it from sliding and bunching so you can hold poses without interference.  

The intention towel is made from microfiber material and currently offered in two colors. It’s machine washable so you can toss it in the wash right after class and keep bacteria to a minimum. And if you get a antimicrobial yoga mat, you’ll be extra hygienic! The microfiber material is sweat wicking and extra absorbent to ensure you won’t slip or slide during class. 

Intention Yoga Towel Review 

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The Intention Yoga Towel is made from plush 100% microfiber which is highly absorbent and provides a stable grip against your mat even in complex poses and very sweaty classes. The pockets on the backside are designed so that your mat can easily slide in. This ads an extra level of protection against slipping and keeps it from bunching on you (which is common with many yoga towels). 

The intention towel currently comes in two sizes to accommodate most yoga mats: 

  1. 72 x 26
  2. 68 x 26

Because the towel is made from microfiber its very lightweight and easy to transport. The edges are well stitched to prevent tearing and fraying even after many uses and washes. The only thing I dislike about the towel is that, as of this writing, it’s only offered in two colors. But if that’s not an issue for you, then you can’t go wrong with this towel. Overall its is a great mix of affordability, durability, comfort and functionality which should last you for quite a while without breaking the bank. 


  • Machine washable
  • Comes in several sizes 
  • Pockets on the back prevent bunching and sliding
  • 100% plush microfiber
  • Sweat wicking 
  • Increases cleanliness 
  • Extends the life of your mat 


  • Some people have received the wrong size on their order 
  • Currently only offered in two colors


The intention towel is a good choice for both beginner and advanced yogis. It won’t bunch or move around during class, it’s comfortable and soft,  and most importantly it absorbs sweat so you won’t slide around while using it. There are better yoga towels available (more style options, higher quality material, rubber nodules on the bottom, etc.) but they are usually significantly more expensive. So, for the price, its a great yoga towel that will serve you well in your next hot yoga class. 

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