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The 5 Best Meditation Chairs in 2020 & How to Get One

I’ll just come right out and say it, meditation can be back.breaking. Sitting in the lotus position on a flat surface and trying to maintain good posture is a lot harder than it sounds and pretty much a no go for most people. That’s why we always recommend some form of bolster such as a meditation chair, cushion or bench. 

Chances are you already know the importance of meditation and now you’re looking for comfortable ways to get down to business. Let's do a quick recap for kicks though. Studies show that meditation can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and increase focus just to name a few benefits.

Now let’s talk about the best meditation chairs. While a meditation cushion is comfy for many people, some want a chair. Hey, who can blame you?! 

The proper meditation chair can make for a great session and with the comfort and back support, you could meditate all day if you wanted. 

Quick Answer:

Merax Adjustable 5 Position Floor Chair

Our Rating

Overall Best

BirdRock Adjustable Memory Foam Chair

Our Rating

Extra Comfortable

David Faux Suede 8' Giant Bean Bag Chair

Our Rating

Super Cool

What's a Meditation Chair Anyway? 

A meditation chair is a combination of a meditation cushion and a chair. Genius! The chairs have back support that your standard cushions don't have. They’re great for beginning meditators, people with back problems, less flexible individuals and for people who just prefer the chair over the cushion.

They come in different shapes and sizes. Some have memory foam, different material, and come in different colors and price ranges. 

The two primary benefits of a meditation chair are that it:

1. Gives support to your body and back
2. Helps you feel comfortable so you aren't fidgeting and can remain focused

One important thing to note is that many floor chairs also work as meditation chairs. I’ve included several in this review because they serve the same purpose and often they're less money while adding more size and style choices for you.

What’s cool about meditation chairs is that they’re a floor chair which the kids can use for video games, watching movies and other fun stuff. And if you read to the end, I've included a super cool option that's not a chair but provides the same support.

How to Pick a Meditation Chair

We pick a meditation chair based on a few different factors. Beginning at the top with the comfort, quality and price. Let's explain how we evaluated each base on these criteria. 

Comfort Of Your Meditation Chair

The comfort of your chair is obviously very important. If you get one that’s uncomfortable, moves around too much, has material that's scratchy on your skin, etc. then you probably won’t use it. We consider all of these to be important factors and review with them in mind. 

Quality and Reliability 

For this category we look at how the chairs are constructed. We evaluate the durability of the frame, quality of the material, cushioning of the chair (you don’t want something that’s going to flatten out) and look at any moving parts on the chair (i.e. if there's a zipper or things that could break). 

Price Of Your Meditation Chair

We look at quality and we’re willing to spend a few bucks if that’s what it takes. So when I’m looking at options, I don’t go for the cheapest or the most expensive. While sometimes the product may coincidentally be inexpensive, the reviews consider more than just price as a factor. I want to recommend something that's going to last, be comfortable and be a great value dollar for dollar. 

With that in mind, lets get started.

Best Meditation Chair Review 

1. Back Jack Floor Chair


The Back Jack is technically a "floor chair" but works perfectly as a meditation chair as well. The backrest is 14" wide by 21" tall so it's small but provides ample support for most people. The cushion is a dense foam that's easy to sit on and the sides of the chair don't have support bars (which can dig into the thighs). The backrest is not padded but rather cloth over metal tubing so big minus point there. 


The Back Jack is made from hollow metal tubing with cloth material and dense foam cushioning on the bottom. The chair is lightweight yet still feels sturdy. Overall durability is good for the money.


This meditation chair is one of the least expensive options available. It's lightweight, easy to assemble and makes a good meditation chair for travel and around the house. While its very affordable, for a few dollars more I think we can do much better. 


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to travel with 
  • Decent back support
  • Inexpensive
  • Many colors to choose from


  • No padding on the back
  • Backrest is not adjustable

Summary: For the money, this is a good starter chair and a decent option for traveling locally. It doesn't take up a lot of space and the dense foam in the bottom provides adequate support. 

There's a great selection of colors to match almost any decor and the chair is very easy to assemble out of the box. 

2. Merax Adjustable 5-Position Floor Chair


This chair is super stylish! It has a soft microfiber material that feels great against your skin. The padding is about 7 inches thick which is more than enough to keep you comfy and stable. The chair is 47" long by 26" wide and adjusts to 5 different positions. The center square on the back of the chair is not padded but that really isn't noticeable. Overall, this is a very comfortable chair for extended meditations. 


The material is a soft microfiber that maintains a durable feel. The chair has a nice weight to it, coming in at about 12 lbs. Its easy to adjust into different positions and you can't feel the underlying metal frame while sitting on it. Overall, this chair is durable and should last you for several years. 


The Merax adjustable chair comes in at the low/mid range making it a good deal for the money. Considering the level of comfort and durability, this is a good buy and likely to last you for quite some time. 


  • Thick padding on back and bottom
  • Wide base for sitting 
  • Long enough for taller individuals 
  • Adjustable to 5 different positions (including perfectly flat)
  • Soft and comfortable material 
  • Great for kids as well


  • No padding in the center square of the back rest
  • Only available in two colors

Summary: I really like both the comfort and functionality of this meditation chair. It can be adjusted from completely flat to straight up and down. It's super versatile (can be used for more than meditation), looks nice, has a solid build and it's easy to store. Overall this is a great low/mid cost chair. 

3. BirdRock Home Adjustable Memory Foam Floor Chair


This is an extremely comfortable chair. The fabric outside is a plush material that feels like your favorite blanket. The inside is made from a memory foam blend. It's 41 x 21 inches so the length and width are great for individuals up to about 6' tall and roughly 200 lbs. The chair can be adjusted to 14 different comfortable positions as well. Sitting for long periods won't be an issue with this chair.  


The material is a plush polyester blend which feels relatively thick and durable. The chair has a nice weight at about 13 lbs. Memory foam tends to hold up for quite a while so the padding won't flatten or wear out anytime soon. Its easy to adjust to different positions and overall its solidly constructed.


The BirdRock chair is priced in the mid range making it an affordable choice for almost everyone. Once you sit in this chair, you'll realize that the quality justifies the price. 


  • Fully adjustable 14 to positions
  • Soft polyester blend material 
  • Comes in several colors to match most decor and styles
  • Memory foam blend...need I say more
  • 41 x 21 inches 
  • Solid frame and sits nicely on the floor 


  • May not be large enough for people over 6' tall

Summary: The BirdRock adjustable floor chair, while not specifically for meditation makes a great meditation chair. The memory foam filling, good build, and soft material make this one hard to get out of. It sits flat on the floor during your meditation so you don't have to worry about falling back either. Overall, a great combination of quality and value. 

4. Friends of Meditation Extra Large Mediation Chair


The chair is large enough to fit anyone about 6'2" and under so it can accommodate most individuals. The padding is thick and feels very supportive. There's an extra removable cushion on top of the chair making this a combination of a meditation cushion and chair. The back is not adjustable though and doesn't feel like it would fully support your weight. Definitely meant as an assist rather than full weight support.


This chair is designed for meditation so the back is meant as support and not to take the full weight of your body. It's sturdy but not like a floor chair that's reinforced in these areas. The padding on this chair comes with a 7 year warranty and I've included a video from their website below to give you an idea of how the chair looks in action. 


This meditation chair is priced more toward the high end. It's designed specifically for meditation so it does come with extras like a meditation cushion and back support. Meditation chairs can get very expensive so considering that, its a good price for the product. 


  • Comes with an extra meditation cushion and lumbar support
  • Several colors to choose from 
  • Voted #1 meditation chair by Wiki 
  • 7 year warranty on the cushion
  • Solid build and firmness 
  • Can support people up to 6'2"


  • More expensive than a standard floor chair
  • Back support not designed to take the full weight of your body

Summary: Because this is a meditation chair and not a typical floor chair it comes with extras specifically added for better meditations. The chair is easy to travel with and easy to put together (see video below). The lumbar is adjustable and there's an extra cushion which can be used for added elevation. 

Overall this is a chair that's perfectly designed for meditation but won't function for any other purpose. That being said, if you're serious about meditating, this ones worth the money. 

5. David Faux Suede 8 Foot Bean Bag


I had to put this in here. While not technically a chair, its a bean bag that can mold to the shape of your body and create a chair like feel. It's covered in a faux suede which feels quality and comfortable against your skin. It doesn't get hot or trap heat too much while sitting in meditation for longer times and it's full of "beans" that completely support you.  


Being that there's no moving parts to this chair its going to last for a long time. The only weak point could be the faux suede but this material typically holds for years. There's a double zipper and the beans inside are basically indestructible so overall this chairs very reliable. 


For the size and coolness factor this is a great purchase. It comes in several sizes and the large one can easily accommodate 2-3 adults. Overall a good price for a versatile piece of furniture. 


  • Comes in 5, 6, or 8 foot sizes 
  • Comfortable Faux Suede finish 
  • Eco-friendly recycled foam filling 
  • Double zipper for added durability 
  • Comes in multiple colors 
  • Molds to the shape of your body


  • Takes up a lot of space 
  • May require some fluffing after use

Summary: This giant bean bag chair is not technically for meditation but versatile and comfortable as a meditation chair. It molds around your body and provides good back support but keep it mind that this is not going to give you as much support as an actual chair.

That being said, this is a super fun product that works great for meditation while being comfortable, durable and affordable.  


There you have it! The absolute best meditation chairs reviewed. There's something in every price range in this review and everything we've listed is a quality chair. But if we had to choose, the top pick for all of the chairs listed is a tie between the Merax adjustable 5-position floor chair and the BirdRock home adjustable memory foam floor chair

Both chairs provided outstanding value, comfort and durability. They also had very cool style factors and they both double as chairs for gaming, movies, and anything else you might need a low lying chair for. Now your turn, let me know if you have a favorite meditation chair and why. 

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