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What’s The Best Meditation Blanket in 2021 & Do You Actually Need One?

Everyone needs a good meditation blanket…or two…or three. They’re warm, they’re cozy, and they’re a functional meditation accessory. It’s like getting a really nice couch, it looks good AND you can use it.

I’ve said it before, getting some form of meditation cushion, chair, bench or blanket can make a humongous difference in the quality of your meditations.

You’ve been there before, where you’re sitting on the ground, Indian or lotus style and you feel the pressure on your knees, ankles and back. It’s uncomfortable right? And you might not have even been meditating. Imagine dealing with that for 20-30 minutes. 

The good news is meditation blankets and cushions don’t have to be expensive. And if you plan on meditating daily, you should consider getting one from the get go.

In this post I’ll show you the best meditation blankets, explain who could benefit from having one (and who wouldn’t) and review the best one’s for you. Let’s get started. 

What’s a Meditation Blanket?

First, let’s do a quick explanation of what a meditation blanket actually is. Simply put, a meditation blanket is an oversized and (typically) stylized blanket that can be folded into a thick bolster that can accommodate any meditation position. They come in different shapes, sizes, materials, prints and colors and they’re more convenient for traveling (easier than bringing a cushion).

The thicker blankets are better if you like to sit higher and have more support. They tend to have more weight to them and they can be folded longways to place under your knees (great for kneeling meditations) or folded and rolled into a more compact and thicker cushion style for lotus meditation. These tend to be the Mexican style blankets and wool blends.

The round mandala printed blankets are typically thin and light. They can also be rolled into different shapes and thicknesses but won’t provide as much stability and cushioning. A perk of these blankets is that they’re really easy to travel with (can easily fit in luggage) and many can double as a shawl (for those beach vacations). 

Who Needs a Meditation Blanket? 

The first question you’ll want to ask yourself is how often you plan on meditating. If you plan on meditating less than 3 – 5 times a week, I would recommend you just use a simple blanket or cushion you have lying around the house (unless you want some oversized warm blankets for your house anyway that is).

Here’s why: When I decided to start testing the idea of a meditation blanket, I began using some thick blankets I had at home. They worked fine for the most part but I really needed to have either two blankets or one large blanket and a yoga mat. When you fold the meditation blanket and place it below your bottom, you’ll still need a yoga mat or another blanket to cushion your knees from the floor. 

(alternatively the blanket could be used under a zafu). 

As I said, the blankets I had worked fine for the most part. But after a few meditations I found that the microfiber blankets I was using didn’t provide the support I wanted. 

But if you’re only meditating a few times a week and have no plans of increasing your frequency, you can probably get away with something you have at home. If you’re regular with meditation or have plans of regular meditation, go ahead and splurge on a blanket or two. 

Types of Meditation Blankets

As I mentioned above, there’s several types of meditation blankets. There’s the thick Mexican blanket style, round mandala style and the wool and synthetic blends. And if you really want to get fancy, there’s cashmere meditation blankets. I’ll quickly explain each:

Meditation Blanket Styles 

  • Round Mandala Style Blankets – often have colorful printed patterns that look very cool. These blankets are typically made from cotton and are often thin so they don’t make a good bolster.
  • Wool & Synthetic Blends – come in solid colors and basic styles. Typically these are the warmest blankets.
  • Mexican Style Blankets – these are made from blends of materials such as cotton, polyester and acrylic. They come in solid and striped patterns and have the fringe on the ends. They’re typically thick, affordable and high quality. These are the most popular style of meditation blankets.

Best Meditation Blankets Reviewed

YogaAccessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket

Our Rating


The YogaAccessories blanket is great for both meditation and yoga. With its large size (about 6 x 4 feet) its big enough to roll or fold into a bolster for most meditation positions. Its made from a blend of acrylic / polyester / cotton which is surprisingly soft when compared with other Mexican blankets. 

Its affordable enough to make it worth getting a few and comes in enough colors to match with almost any style. 

The only down side of this blanket is that it’s not as thick as heavier, premium blankets and the material leaves lots of lint if you wash it with other clothes. Other than that, this is a great starter blanket. 


  • Available in many great colors
  • Soft material that’s warm and provides decent support
  • Large size – 74″ x 52″
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning 
  • Thin & soft enough to double as a shawl 


  • Washing it leaves lots of lint on other clothes
  • Not as thick as premium blankets

Folkulture Oceanic Mediation Blanket

Our Rating


We used to have the Manduka recycled wool blanket here but that’s no longer available. Now we’ve added the Folkulture blanket in its place on our list. What we like about the Folkulture blanket (beyond its amazing colors) is that it offers a lighter option that could be used for both meditation and yoga. 

It’s not as thick as many of the Mexican blankets we’ve recommended here but, if you plan on carrying your blanket with you, this is a great choice. The primary difference here is that you can’t shape this one to accommodate straddling meditation positions. It also doesn’t have the same thick cushioning.​

However, the Folkulture comes in at 72″ across and can be used for meditation, yoga, or as a beach blanket. It’s very stylish and also comes in beautiful colors. Overall, this is a highly versatile blanket that anyone can appreciate. 


  • Large blanket – measuring 72″ across.
  • Lightweight material – 100% cotton
  • Versatile design can be multipurposed for the beach, yoga, and meditation
  • Excellent design and several bright colors available 


  • Not as thick as other meditation blankets

Open Road Goods Yoga Blanket

Our Rating


The Open Road Goods Yoga/Meditation blanket is a great balance of quality and functionality. It comes in 78×54 inches and its made like a traditional, thick yoga blanket. It’s hand woven which means each blanket is unique and not exactly like the last – which we like. 

Its a very warm blanket that can be folded to accommodate most meditation positions and stylish enough to drape in your house.

It also comes in several colors ranging from rust to bright aqua which means you’re likely to find one that matches your style. A few people reported the color not matching. However, since its hand woven this is pretty likely to happen. It’s not a deal breaker for us but something worth noting. 


  • Hand woven material
  • Extra thick and warm
  • Overly sized so its easy to fold for any position
  • Fast shipping 


  • A few people reported color discrepancies

Hand Woven Solid Color Mexican Yoga Blanket

Our Rating


This blanket, while being called a “yoga blanket” doubles very well for meditation. Its over-sized at 82 x 52 inches meaning you can roll it into a nice thickness for both meditation and yoga. It’s made from a blend of acrylic, polyester and cotton and maintains a soft feel to the touch. 

One difference between this and other Mexican blankets is that these come in vibrant solid colors instead of being striped. They’re made by hand throughout villages in Mexico so they’re very authentic and as a result there may be slight variations in color (from the pictures). 

They have a nice weight and thickness to them and they’re priced reasonably as compared to other hand made blankets. 


  • Multiple colors available
  • Soft to the touch
  • Large size – 82″ x 52″
  • Machine washable 
  • Hand woven throughout villages in Mexico 
  • Extra thick (weighs 3 lbs)


  • Weave may not be as tight as machine made blankets
  • May be slight variations in color 

Hand Woven Thunderbird Mexican Yoga Blanket

Our Rating


The Thunderbird Mexican blanket is hand woven from blended material and feels pleasant against your skin. It comes in a wide variety of colors and since it’s hand made may have slight deviations in color.

One thing to note is that, because it’s hand woven, the weave may not be as tight as machine made blankets. Other than that, this blanket has a great weight and thickness that makes a perfect companion for both meditation and yoga. 


  • Available in many colors
  • Hand made 
  • Large size – 82″ x 52″
  • Machine washable 
  • Great colors and traditional pattern 
  • Heavy and thick 


  • Weave may not be as tight as machine made blankets
  • Slight deviations in color 


When comparing the best meditation blankets it’s clear that the Mexican blankets are both the most popular and reliable.  

They provide the best versatility, style and value overall. If we had to pick, our number one choice for meditation blankets would be the Yoga Accessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket

It provides the greatest combination of styles, comfort and versatility. I was impressed with the large size, weight and thickness of the blanket and how well it works for both yoga and meditation. 

Overall, in my opinion, I consider this one to be the best. 

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