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best cheap bosu ball - woman squatting on bosu ball

7 Cheap BOSU Balls That Won’t Burst Under Pressure (2023)

The best BOSU balls give you an unstable platform for exercise while the ball stays firmly planted and safe to use. It’s an instrument that can be used for everything from building stabilizer muscles in the most gentle way to a hardcore full body workout.

But these things can get expensive which is why we’ve put together a list of cheap BOSU balls to save you time and help you avoid spending unnecessary wads of cash.

Because you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a great BOSU ball that performs well and won’t break or burst on you. 

Read on for our top picks…

Our top picks for the best BOSU balls

The Best Cheap BOSU Balls (Quick Answer)

1. PEXMOR Yoga Half Ball Balance Trainer

The Pexmor BOSU ball is a complete core trainer. This product includes the half ball, two detachable resistance bands, two air pumps, two air plugs and a free workout guide.

It’s a light weight BOSU ball that’s easy to transport around your house or during your workout. And it was designed by top fitness professionals to help both beginners and advance practitioners tone their muscles. The PEXMOR comes in two styles: smooth top and nubbed top. The nubbed on seems cool at first but for those with sensitive skin they can be a little uncomfortable at times.   

However, if you’re not sensitive to the nubs and enjoy using a Rumble Roller then this might be the best choice for you since it does have a massaging effect on your back while you’re performing crunches.


  • Total weight of ball is 12 lbs
  • Rated to handle up to 660 lbs.
  • The ball is made of hypoallergenic and eco-friendly material
  • Nubbed surface provides stimulation like a massage and it’s slip resistant
  • Base made is made of wear resistant ABS material with eight non-skid feet for stability
  • Two detachable resistance bands included
  • Two air plugs included
  • Can be used as a balance board
  • Workout guide included
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Is available in both blue and pink
  • Comparable in quality of construction to higher priced BOSU balls


  • No mention of warranty from the manufacture
  • A few reports of the resistance bands being too long

2. Ovillow Yoga Exercise Ball, Premium Pro Balance Trainer 

The Ovillow Yoga ball is light in weight and easy to take with you to the gym or park. And the non-slip textured surface means you’ll feel stable while exercising – even when you’re sweaty. 

Your package includes two resistance bands, a pump and everything you need to get a great workout regardless of your skill level. We did feel like the bands were a little light but you can always use your own resistance bands if you have them. Otherwise, you can get a pair to use with the ball. The ball itself is a good quality and durable ball that you’ll be able to use for years without any issues. 


  • Supports up to 300 lbs. 
  • Ribbed textured surface to prevent slipping
  • Foot air pump included in package
  • Two detachable resistance bands included
  • Ball made of blended and durable non-toxic PVC
  • Base made non-slip ABS material
  • Workout chart available online


  • Only available in army green with a black base
  • No warranty information available

3. BOSU Pro Balance Trainer

The BOSU Pro Balance Trainer is made to commercial standards so no matter how tough the workout is, this item will withstand the forces exerted on it.

If you’re planning on doing advanced workouts or know you’ll be using the ball daily, this one’s the most durable option. In fact, because it’s designed to withstand continuous daily use, it’s the preferred BOSU ball in many gyms across America.

Your package includes the commercial use BOSU ball, a pump, DVD for training, training manual, and its made in the USA. Chances are that, if you’ve used a BOSU ball at your gym, you’ve probably used this model. Additionally, its latex free making it a great option for anyone with latex allergies.  

The only downside of this ball is that some purchasers reported the ball detaching from the frame. It can happen with anything produced in massive quantities I suppose. We didn’t and haven’t had any issues with that but its something to consider. 


  • Rated to handle up to 350 lbs.
  • Both an exercise pamphlet and DVD included in the package
  • Made in the USA
  • Under the blue PVC dome is an 8 lb bladder to prevent it from leaking air
  • Base is non-skid and non-marking
  • Ball surface is non-skid and non-slip
  • Hand air pump included in package
  • Comes in blue and pink
  • Surface is latex free and burst resistant


  • No resistance bands
  • 1 year limited warranty

4. BELEBOOM Balance Trainer Ball