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best yoga straps

7 Best Yoga Straps in 2023 | See Who The Winners Are

Yoga straps are an often underestimated resource. They help you achieve deep stretching without the risk of injury or pulling any muscles and help you maintain full range of motion. There was a point in time when I couldn’t comfortably touch my toes. It hurt like crazy but the option was to either grab your toes or don’t stretch at all. 

Then I discovered the yoga strap. It gives you something to grab onto without rounding your back and getting injured in the process. In this post we’ll show you the best yoga straps and give you some guidance on how to choose and use them to improve your yoga practice.  

Why do You Need Yoga Straps 

If you’re new to yoga or trying to master complex positions, a quality yoga strap can bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It helps you maintain proper form and spinal alignment while reducing the risk of overstretching and injury in your practice.

The yoga straps come in handy for poses as simple as touching your toes because, while many beginners can do it, their back is usually rounded which may cause injury. For more advanced yogis, a quality yoga strap can help you train for the elusive mermaid pose without pulling a muscle in the process.

Best Yoga Straps Reviewed

1. Manduka Unisex AligN Yoga Strap 8′

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Manduka is one of our favorite brands for eco-friendly, high quality products. Their AligN strap is made from a lightweight and durable cotton. The buckle is a zinc alloy which is also lightweight and holds your strap in place under any circumstances.

The buckle doesn’t rattle or make any noise when using and the material of the strap is soft and thick so it won’t cut into your