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The Best Yoga DVD’s For Home (2023) Fully Reviewed

Starting a home yoga practice is rewarding to say the least.

You get flexible, breath better, and have more energy without the hassle of driving to and from the gym.

But buying a yoga DVD can be somewhat of a crap shoot…

And it could cost you just as much as a few months at the yoga studio before you find something you like…

So before you spend your hard earned money on something mediocre, we put together a list of the best yoga DVD’s for beginners, for beginners over 50, for prenatal yoga, for weight loss, and for seniors. 

But for those in a rush, our #1 pick overall is yoga burn. It’s affordable, comes with both a physical DVD as well as instant online access, and it moves in stages starting with building your yoga foundation.  Get Yoga Burn here.

Best Overall – Yoga Burn DVD & Online Access

Our Rating

yoga burn

When you buy yoga burn, you get immediate online access. At the same time, an actual DVD of the program is also mailed to your house. There aren’t a lot of yoga programs that offer both the online and physical versions. When it comes to learning yoga, what makes yoga burn uniquely effective is that the world renowned teacher takes the time to teach you the three proven phases of yoga: Foundational Flow, Transitional Flow, and Mastery Flow. 

By the time you’re finished, you know the poses, you’ve mastered your form, and you’re able to do a routine on your own without even thinking about it.  

Best Yoga DVD’s For Beginners

Below we’ve reviewed the top yoga DVD’s for beginners to help you establish your form and improve your flexibility. These are two of the best programs for yoga at home and you can’t go wrong with either one. 

Rodney Yee’s Complete Yoga For Beginners 

Rodney Yee’s a world renowned yoga instructor with decades of experience in practice.

In his complete yoga DVD for beginners, he walks you through over 80 minutes of yoga beginning with a 20 minute basics practice and moving into yoga for flexibility, energy and finally ending with yoga for relaxation.

Each of the 4 sessions is 20 minutes and includes another digital download for those who need a quick yoga fix on the go.

This is a great way to start your yoga practice if you’re a beginner and with well over 200 positive reviews, it’s hard to go wrong here.

Rodney also includes a section where he shows you how to perform yoga poses correctly and demonstrates the common mistakes to prevent you from getting injured.

Rodney has a soothing voice that gently guides you through each activity so it’s a nice way to start your day on a calm note and get your blood flowing.

Recommended Tools: 


  • It’s divided into 4 easy segments that walks you through an entire 80 minute series of poses. You can also opt for one 20 minute segment if you’re pressed for time.
  • Teaches you common mistakes that cause injury and walks you through the proper form for beginning yoga poses.
  • Rodney has a very calming voice and he’s one of the highest quality instructors.
  • At the time of this writing it’s a very affordable beginner yoga DVD. 


  • A few people reported feeling like the poses were too difficult.
  • Moves quickly through poses leaving only a short time to hold the pose. 

Yoga For Beginners Boxed Set

This beginners yoga boxed set includes 3 DVD’s packed with over 40 different yoga routines.

It includes a DVD for “inflexible people”, another for AM/PM yoga, and another specifically for stress relief.

Between the 3 videos and the 40 routines, you’ll have enough yoga instruction to last you for at least a year and possibly forever.

In fact, most people stick with similar routines once they find something they like. So what’s great about this is that you can try all the different flows to find one or two you prefer and then stick with them moving forward.

1. Yoga For Stress Relief DVD: 

This DVD is broken down into 4 segments: 

  1. Starting and ending your day
  2. Neck, shoulder, and back exercises
  3. Exercises for putting your mind at ease
  4. Stretching for digestion and calming stomach issues

The stress relief DVD focuses primarily on restorative yoga to help you lengthen your muscles, forge a mind-body connection and rejuvenate your body.

And if you’re worried about time, the sessions on this range from 15-60 minutes so you should be able to do the at least some yoga no matter how busy your day is.

Recommended tools:

2. Yoga For Inflexible People DVD: 

This yoga DVD is divided into three sections:

  1. Just the basics – short routines
  2. More basic, short routines
  3. Long routines covering the basics but these sessions go as long as 90 minutes

This is probably the best place to start if you’re a beginner or you’ve been out of practice for a while.

It’s all about establishing the fundamentals of your practice including the proper form for your poses. And if you’re suffering from any kind of pain – back pain especially – this is an essential DVD.

It moves at a slow pace where you’ll hold poses for longer periods giving you the opportunity to settle into the pose and deepen your stretch.

As you may already know, holding your stretch will increase your flexibility faster (or in less sessions I should say).

However, if you’re familiar with yoga or you’ve been practicing recently, you may find this DVD moves a little slower than you’d like.

3. AM/PM Yoga DVD For Beginners:

This yoga DVD is composed of several morning “get up and go” routines that are shorter in length (15 minutes) and several evening routines designed to calm you down and prepare you for restful sleep.

There’s also easy morning routines for the less morning inclined person. These help you gently wake up and calmly move into your day.

The routines vary in length from 15-45 minutes so you can get your morning and night routines in even if you only have a few minutes.

Recommended tools:


  • Comes with 3 DVD’s making it one of the most complete beginner DVD sets
  • Highly experienced instructor 
  • Sessions offered in multiple lengths so you can do yoga even when you’re pressed for time
  • Great value for the cost 
  • Relieves stress while improving flexibility in a big way


  • May be too simplistic if you’ve done yoga before

Best Yoga DVD For Beginners Over 50

While the above yoga DVD’s could work well for beginners over 50, we’ve included our top choice for yogis over 50 below…

Gentle Yoga: 7 Beginning Yoga Practices for Mid-life

Gentle Yoga by Jane Adams contains just over 3 hours of yoga sessions that anyone over the age of 50 can easily perform.

Jane is an experienced yogi in this age range so she designed something that’s both restorative and challenging but not so intense that you’ll feel exhausted after.

  • Lying Yoga Practice: Full body yoga performed by lying on your back with lots of breath work incorporated.
  • Morning Energy: An uplifting AM session comprised of standing, stretching, twisting, breathing and arm movements.
  • Relief From Desk & Computer Work: This session is designed to target the muscles that become tight from hours of sitting at a desk.
  • Balance Improvement: Lots of stretches designed to strengthen your feet, ankles, hips and legs. Specifically works to strengthen stabilizer muscles critical for building balance.
  • Core Strength & Flexibility: Stretches to strengthen your core and spine with the goal of improving posture.
  • Standing Flow & Traditional Yoga: Standing flow yoga to help you develop stability, strength and flexibility.
  • Evening Yoga: Inversions and forward bends to help you unwind and de-stress after a long day.
  • Bonus: Relaxation / guided meditation to help you further unwind.

Most of her yoga DVD’s are filmed outside in a serene environment with the river and trees in the background.

Jane has a calming voice and incorporates lots of gentle yoga poses which is great if you’ve been inactive or you’re trying yoga for the first time and need something that carefully guides you through a routine.

She currently has over 1,100 reviews on and she’s holding 5 stars which is an impressive accomplishment to say the least.

A few people reported feeling it’s boring but, that’s an extremely small portion of the group so, you win some you lose some right? 


  • Holding over 1,100 5 star reviews
  • Includes 7 complete yoga sessions
  • Ideal choice for anyone over 50 years old
  • Jane, the instructor, has been practicing since the 1970’s