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cbd oil and yoga

Do CBD & Yoga Make A Perfect Combination?

As life gets busier and stress levels soar, it doesn’t come as a surprise to hear our cortisol levels are hitting all-time highs.

While exercise is a great form of stress relief, the ancient art of yoga has stolen the show with people (old and young) across the world attending classes to disconnect from everyday life and transcend into a state of relaxation.

Many yogis now combine their routine with CBD usage in order to further the benefits of yoga. Let’s take a gander at what that looks like!

What is CBD?

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Perhaps the biggest question on most people’s lips is: what is CBD? Firstly, let’s discuss where it comes from then we’ll take a look at what it “is”.

CBD derives from the stalks and leaves of the hemp plant – this basically means it cannot get you high. It’s easy to confuse CBD with THC (the cannabinoid that gets us “high”) but rest assured, you could take CBD by the truckload without getting buzzed.

Aside from easing anxiety and stress, CBD also helps relieve joint discomfort and inflammation. It genuinely is a fantastic all-around natural health supplement for anyone looking to maintain or improve their general health. You can take it in a variety of ways but we recommend you ingest it in order to properly reap the benefits.

How CBD Can Help Your Yoga practice

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Now – let’s answer the gold question.

What the heck does CBD have to do with yoga and how can it help you?

Without deep diving into a science lesson, we’ll keep it simple. CBD works with your body’s endocannabinoid system which is a part of your nervous system.

This is the regulatory system that helps control immune, nervous, and digestive systems. It also has a knock-on effect on your mood, memory, sleep, pain tolerance and appetite.

In turn, by regulating these systems, it helps you stay centered and balanced – a key component of yogic teachings.

The regulation of these particular systems is known as homeostasis whereby your “dynamic equilibrium” is maintained via temperature, blood oxygen levels and moisture.

The endocannabinoid system has receptors throughout the human body; these receptors are used by important neurotransmitters known as endocannabinoids. CBD copies the endocannabinoids, helping the body maintain many important functions.

If you’re anything like the rest of the population, despite how much you enjoy yoga, it sometimes is tough to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But any good yogi knows life is never as simple as that, which is where CBD comes in.

Just a few drops of CBD oil before your yoga session can drastically help you calm down before your practice which in turn helps you center your energy. By doing this you’ll feel far more present and self-aware during each class ensuring you get the full benefits of yoga.

CBD is a multi-faceted approach to battling a variety of conditions. These include both physical and mental things.

Let’s start with the physical conditions.

If you suffer from any form of inflammation (notably arthritis) or perhaps are recovering from an injury, then CBD will ease the discomfort caused which is particularly useful for anyone itching to get back to yoga without the pain!

No doubt you’re doing yoga to (partly) chill out, well, CBD is great for stress relief as well as helping anxiety and depression. Think about it, if you combine the powerful effects CBD has on your mental state (ie. relaxing, more present, etc) with the physical effects of yoga – it really is a game changing combination.

Other key benefits directly relating to yoga include the fact CBD helps increase awareness and awakens your senses – again, a powerful energy to harness while doing yoga.

It also helps relieve overthinking during yoga, which is particularly useful if your class includes meditation or if you’ve finished a busy day at work and are headed straight to yoga.

How to bring CBD into your yoga practice

Perhaps you’re wondering when to take CBD and if you should take it in the morning, before your class or after it. Well, the good news is it’s best ingested 30-45 minutes before your class kicks off. Given CBD Oil is sold in so many convenient formats, it’s easier than ever to take quickly when you’re on the go. This ensures that by the time you’re in your yoga session you’ll feel calm and centered.

That being said, if you want to take it a step further you can try a CBD & yoga class. Since the legalization of CBD, this new slant on yoga has taken the nation by storm.

Just check your area to see if you have a CBD yoga class near you!

If you’re a fan of meditation, then taking CBD will definitely get you into the prepared pre-meditation frame of mind. Not only does it ease the noise of your mind, it’ll dim physical ailments and relax you before your meditation session so you can meditate with less mental distractions.

Again, be sure to take your CBD oil or tinctures 30-45 minutes before the class.

Finally, a word of warning to anyone that’s pregnant or breastfeeding.

Be sure to check with a medical doctor before using CBD, while it’s safe to consume and has no known toxicity and not a single case of overdose, authorities are still unsure if it’s 100% safe for women carrying a child or breastfeeding.

That being said, don’t worry, CBD is safe and isn’t toxic to humans and animals. If you’re not breastfeeding or pregnant, you likely have nothing to worry about.

Our Favorite CBD Products

I’ve tried quite a few CBD oils and my favorite is full spectrum CBD in higher milligram bottles or capsules. If you’ve never taken it before, its a good idea to first take it at night because its very relaxing. After a few days, you’ll get used to it and you’ll be able to take it during the day without feeling tired.

I prefer bottles of CBD that are at least 1,500 mg because lower doses don’t seem to give you the same calming feeling after a few days of taking them.

Also, if you look at the research, most of the scientific studies have been conducted with hundreds of milligrams. With a larger bottle, you’ll get more mg per serving which will definitely help you achieve the relaxed feeling you’re after. Also, bigger bottles are usually a better deal.

My favorite products thus far have been from Happy CBD Oil. They’re more affordable, physician strength, and ultimately they work.


Unlike more athletic-based exercise classes, yoga has a strong focus on relaxation and becoming more at one with yourself by surrendering and being fully present.

Bringing your body, mind, emotions and spirit together as one is extremely satisfying and invigorating yet many struggle to step into a class and embody this from the first minute – which is why CBD is so great.

Think of it as a prep and prime. Not only is it natural, it gets your mind, body and spirit ready for the class so you’re in the right frame of mind before you even walk into the session.

Also, it’s worth noting, if time is of the essence then opt for CBD Oil as it’s quickly ingested into your bloodstream with minimum effort.

Vaporizing CBD Oil is the quickest way to enjoy its benefits, however, if you’re leaving work or driving a car then perhaps it isn’t as convenient which is why we recommend CBD Oil drops or capsules.

Just drop the recommended dosage below your tongue, hold it there for 1 minute and swallow. If you do this 30-45 minutes before you’re due to practice yoga, you’ll experience the benefits of yoga in a whole new light.