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Best Folding Exercise Bike: 9 Amazing Bikes For Small Spaces in 2021

Many people are making the transition to working out at home as opposed to making the trip to the gym and paying monthly fees. But one problem that some of us face when building our home gym is the lack of space for our equipment. 

Fortunately, there’s a solution: folding exercise bikes. Here, we list and review the best folding exercise bikes so that you can improve your cardio every day without compromising on space.

Our top picks for the best folding exercise bikes

The 9 best folding exercise bikes

PLENY 3-in-1 Total Body Exercise Bike

Our Rating



Most Resistance Levels

Why we love it: It delivers the ultimate workout routine while mixing up your cardio exercises.

If you’re looking for a complete cardio workout but you have a limited amount of living space, the PLENY 3-in-1 total body bike is the solution for you. It has 16 levels of magnetic resistance, giving you a step by step exercise program from easy to hard and more. 

Arm and leg resistance bands give you more variety in your exercise routines, while its adjustable seat with a high backrest accommodates users of different heights. 

The PLENY foldable exercise bike also has a backlit screen so you can clearly see all your statistics, while its hand pulse handles are included in the pre-assembled handlebars. It displays the time, distance, speed, calories, and pulse without having to press buttons or switch from different functions. And because it’s a 3-in-1 bike, you can switch between different modes, using it as an upright bike position, a recumbent position and a semi-recumbent positioning.

Having 3 different bikes in one package not only saves you space but also money. And if that’s not enough, it can support up to 300 lbs in weight and has transportation wheels so you can move it around the house. 

Who Should Buy the PLENY 3-in-1 Total Body Workout Exercise Bike?

It’s perfect for anyone — from beginners to experts, thanks to its many resistance levels, flexible positions, and integrated foot and leg resistance bands. 

What makes this folding bike special?

  • 16 magnetic resistance levels for higher intensity workouts
  • Holds up to 300 lbs
  • 3 in 1 bike – you can adjust your seating so that it’s similar to a recumbent or upright
  • Built in arm and leg workout bands


  • Type of Resistance: 16 Level – Magnetic Resistance
  • Weight Limit: 300 Pounds
  • Bike Size: 22’’ L x 17’’ W x 52’’ H (folded) 
  • Portability: Built-In Wheels
  • Bike Weight: 49 Pounds

FitDesk Bike and Workstation

Our Rating



Best Folding Exercise Bike for Work and Exercise

Why we love it: You can exercise and get your work done at the same time. 

The FitDesk exercise bike and office workstation has a large 20.5” W x 16” D adjustable desktop with a non-slip rubber desk surface, along with a built-in tablet holder, storage tray and massage rollers that work your forearms while you type. 

It has a high-quality gearbox, a quiet twin belt drive, and a high-velocity flywheel to provide reliable operation for years of use and exercise, making it durable and built to last. It has an 8 level magnetic tension control system for users of any fitness level as well as a performance meter to track your mileage, calories, and distance. 

Its adjustable ergonomic fit suits riders from 4’10 to over 6’ with an adjustable bike seat, backrest, and a semi-recumbent design, plus it’s so quiet, it won’t distract from work or interfere with phone calls. 

This unique bike also uses a one-step folding system to save storage space when not biking, folding into a small 16” x 28” footprint. At the same time, it has a 300 lb weight limit so you can feel confident that it’ll support you while you’re working. 

Who should buy the Marcy foldable upright exercise bike?

Anyone who works from a laptop, tablet, or phone and wants to exercise while they work.

What makes this folding bike special?

  • Has an integrated desk so you can work and exercise at the same time
  • Unique massage rollers for your arms while typing
  • Has a “flip-up” tablet and phone holder for convenient movie watching while you ride 


  • Type of Resistance: 8 Level – Magnetic Resistance
  • Weight Limit: 300 Pounds
  • Bike Size: 28” L x 16” W x 45” H
  • Bike Weight: 45 Pounds

Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike

Our Rating



Best Premium Foldable Bike

Why we love it: With the biggest weight capacity of all the choices in the list, it can accommodate more body types and sizes. 

The Exerpeutic gold heavy duty folding exercise bike uses a heavy-duty and high durability steel frame construction for up to 400 lbs weight capacity — the most on any bike in this list. 

It also boasts an 8-level magnetic resistance adjustment that can be changed from the oversized knob just above the LCD screen. This uniquely designed bike folds to half (26.4″ L x 24.8″ W x 57.5″ H when folded) of its original size, so you can store it in more places throughout your home. 

It also has an oversized cushion to suit people of any size and is easily adjustable for people between 5’1 and 6’5, so it can accommodate all sorts of body types. 

It’s equipped with a digital LCD display that shows your distance, time, calories burned, speed, pulse, scan, and odometer. 

The Exerpeutic foldable bike uses a 3 piece high-torque cranking system to provide a smooth and consistent pedaling motion, while its larger pedal design with safety straps prevents feet from slipping in the middle of an exercise. It also makes use of a precision balanced flywheel and V-belt drive to provide a whisper-quiet operation, so you can watch TV or listen to music while you exercise. 

Who should buy the Exerpeutic Gold heavy duty foldable exercise bike?

If you don’t mind spending a little more on getting the premium features such as quiet operation and added weight capacity, then the Exerpeutic Gold heavy duty folding exercise bike is perfect for you.

What makes this folding bike special?

  • 400 lb weight limit making it one of the strongest bikes
  • Large knob on the display that allows you to easily adjust your resistance level


  • Weight Limit: 400 Pounds
  • Bike Size: 39” L x 26” W x 48” H
  • Portability: Built-In Wheels
  • Bike Weight: 51 Pounds

Marcy Foldable Upright Exercise Bike

Our Rating



Best for simplicity

Why we love it: It offers everything we could want in a standard foldable exercise bike.

The Marcy folding bike provides you with an excellent cardio workout and fat-blasting performance. Using this bike helps you target the quads, glutes, and hamstrings — it also strengthens the leg muscles, giving you well-toned legs. 

It can support users between a height of 5’1 to 6’3 with a maximum weight of 250 lbs and has manually adjustable resistance levels for higher and lower intensity workouts. It’s equipped with a simple and user-friendly LCD screen that displays all your workout statistics, making it a good choice for people who love to keep track of their progress. The Marcy folding bike provides you with eight levels of resistance control — advanced users can increase as they need to give themselves varying degrees of exercise. 

It’s also designed with a compact frame, allowing for more space wherever and however you store it, while its rubberized feet protect your floor from scratches and other damage. To top it off, it’s made from 14 gauge framing that provides durability partnered with counter-weighted pedals to provide a better riding experience.

Who should buy the Marcy Foldable upright exercise bike?

Anyone who wants a very straightforward yet durable bike and doesn’t have a lot of space. However, there are other bikes on this list that we like a lot more.

What makes this bike special?

  • Very simple and straightforward design
  • Lightweight frame 


  • Weight Limit: 250 Pounds
  • Bike Size: 32” L x 18” W x 42” H
  • Bike Weight: 37 Pounds

ProGear 225 Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

Our Rating



Best Budget-Friendly Folding Bike

Why we love it: Its built-in heart pulse monitor allows you to keep track of your heart rate throughout your whole workout.

The ProGear 225 folding magnetic upright exercise bike is a budget-friendly choice that still has all the right features you want in a foldable bike — its 220 lbs weight capacity is also a great addition that matches many of its competitors. 

The LCD easily shows your calories burned, time, distance, speed, and the heart rate sensors show your heart rate through your exercise routine. It also folds to half of its size (19” L x 17.5” W x 53” H), allowing you to perfectly store it in small apartments with limited spaces. 

For resistance, it features an 8-level tension control system and a 3-piece cranking system with magnetic tension. This gives you a smooth ride experience while getting a great workout. It also has an ergonomic contoured seat cushion that’s easily adjustable to fit 5’1 to 6’ tall people. The ProGear 225 Folding Bike also has a dual transmission flywheel for higher resistance workouts, adding more challenges for advanced users. Its transportation wheels let you move the ProGear wherever you need it — your home gym, in the living room, your bedroom or even inside a closet once you’re done with your workout. 

Who should buy the ProGear 225 folding magnetic upright exercise bike?

If you’re in the market for an affordable option while getting an extra heart rate monitor feature, then the ProGear 225 folding magnetic upright exercise bike is a great option.  

What makes this folding bike special?

  • Folds down to half its size making it easy to store the bike in small spaces
  • One of the most affordable options at the time of this writing


  • Type of Resistance: 8 Level – Magnetic Resistance
  • Weight Limit: 220 Pounds
  • Bike Size: 32” L x 18” W x 46” H
  • Portability: Built-In Wheels
  • Bike Weight: 35 Pounds

XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike

Our Rating



Most Comfortable Folding Bike

Why we love it: Its padded, large seat and lower back pad give superior support and comfort.

With an advanced folding frame design and multi-seating positions, the XTERRA Fitness FB350 folding exercise bike lets you maximize your use of space and get an excellent workout whenever you want. With folded dimensions of only 20.5” x 20” and it has built-in transport wheels. 

Its padded lower back pad, a large, ergonomically designed thick padded seat and padded seat handles provide comfort everywhere and give you the option of changing your seating positioning for longer rides. 

This is no flimsy bike either. The FB350 utilizes a solid X-frame design with thick steel tubing and a silent drive belt system that’s built to last. 

This bike is also capable of challenging you with 8 levels of resistance while keeping track of all your workout statistics in its easy to read 2” x 1” LCD window —  it provides feedback on your distance, speed, time, calories, pulse and scan.

Lastly, its mounted hand pulse sensors make your workouts more effective, letting your monitor your heart rate as you exercise, and it even comes with an accessory holder for your remote control or phone, giving you control of entertainment while you work out. 

Who should buy the XTERRA Fitness FB350 folding exercise bike?

Users who have back problems may benefit greatly from the XTERRA Fitness FB350 folding exercise bike, since it has padded seats and a backrest, giving you the best comfort from all the chairs in this list. 

What makes this folding bike special?

  • Padded back pad for recumbent positioning
  • Built in pulse monitor in the handlebars
  • Quick folding design


  • Type of Resistance: 8 Level – Magnetic Resistance
  • Weight Limit: 225 Pounds
  • Bike Size: 40.5” L x 21” W x 48” H
  • Portability: Built-In Wheels
  • Bike Weight: 42.3 Pounds

Lanos Folding Exercise Bike

Our Rating



Best for Advanced Users

Why we love it: With one of the highest levels of adjustable resistance, this is perfect for those who love a good workout. 

This 2-in-1 folding and recumbent bike is the perfect workout bike for home, apartment, or office use and can be recommended for all levels of users. Its 10-level magnetic resistance offers higher intensity levels so you can mix up your workout routine and challenge yourself even more. 

The large digital LCD monitor displays speed, distance in miles, time, calories, and heart rate with the pulse sensors which are built-in on the handlebars. Also designed for comfort and convenience, this bike comes with a phone or tablet holder, so you can keep connected or watch your favorite videos while you workout. 

Finally, the unique and compact design folds to half (22” L x 20” W x 55.5” H) of its assembled size, so when you’re done using it, you can just fold it up and put it away. It’s extremely versatile, and has a recommended height range between 4’5 and 6’7 with a maximum user weight of 330lbs. It’s a great choice for larger individuals who need a more challenging workout. 

Who Should Buy the Lanos Folding Exercise Bike?

This bike is ideal for you if you’re taller, heavier, or like a bike that offers more of a challenge and higher resistance levels. 

What makes this folding bike special?

  • 10 levels of magnetic resistance 
  • 330 lb weight limit 
  • Weighs just 45 pounds


  • Type of Resistance: 10 Level – Magnetic Resistance
  • Weight Limit: 330 Pounds
  • Bike Size: 48” L x 20” W x 41” H
  • Portability: Built-In Wheels
  • Bike Weight: 45 Pounds

ATIVAFIT Stationary Exercise Bike Magnetic Upright Bike

Our Rating



Best for a Full-Body Workout

Why we love it: It comes with arm and leg resistance bands to give your whole body a workout.

The ATIVAFIT stationary bike is an all-around workout. It incorporates fitness bands which allows you to tone your arms and back while you’re doing your cardio and building your legs. 

A digital monitor displays distance, time, speed, calories, heart rate, and pulse rate, while it also has a phone holder so you can watch Netflix or follow along with YouTube workouts. 

Its 8 levels of magnetic resistance give you a wide range of intensities for different workouts, while its cushioned seat and back pads provide support and comfort. The seat is also versatile and adjustable, holding up to 275lbs, and accommodating users between 5’1 to 6’2. 

The Ativafit bike combines the X-type design making it very sturdy and stable to ride. It’s also small enough — at only 27.8” L x 14.9” W x 45.6” H — for you to store it in a closet and can be moved easily using the built-in transportation wheels. Overall, it’s a great choice for full body blasting workouts. 

Who Should Buy the ATIVAFIT folding exercise bike?

Workout junkies who love to shape and tone their whole body, the ATIVAFIT is the best foldable bike for you. 

What makes this folding bike special?

  • Integrated workout bands for toning your upper body while you ride
  • Folds down to less than half of it’s unfolded size


  • Type of Resistance: 8 Level – Magnetic Resistance
  • Weight Limit: 275 Pounds
  • Bike Size: 27.8” L x 14.9” W x 45.6” H
  • Portability: Built-In Wheels
  • Bike Weight: 43 Pounds

Merax 2 in 1 Adjustable Folding Exercise Bike

Our Rating



Best Convertible Folding Exercise Bike

Why we love it: With plenty of options and features to play with, there are heaps of workouts you can do with it. 

The Merax 2 in 1 Adjustable Folding Exercise Bike has a 10-level magnetic resistance system that supports a smooth and quiet ride. It has a digital screen to track your speed, time, distance, heart rate and calories burnt to keep you going and cycling on pace, while a phone holder beneath the screen can be used to dock your phone to watch your favorite workout videos. 

It also fits riders of different sizes, since this two-in-one folding bike can be adjusted vertically in the seat and is convertible from an upright stationary bike to a recumbent bike easily if you want a more relaxed ride. The Merax 3-in-1 folding bike has two resistance bands attached for indoor cyclists who also want an upper body workout. Its ultra-compact and foldable design asks for very little floor space and measures in at just 25’’ L x 19.7’’ W x 47.6’’ H when upright and only 9” L x 19.7” W x 54.7” H when folded. Its tiny frame paired with its transportation wheels lets you move or store it away quickly after your workouts.  

Who Should Buy the Merax 2 in 1 Adjustable Folding Exercise Bike?

Those who want a straightforward folding bike with resistance bands and 3 different riding positions. 

What makes this folding bike special?

  • 10 levels of magnetic resistance
  • 350 lb weight limit 
  • Weighs just 30 lbs


  • Type of Resistance: 10 Level – Magnetic Resistance
  • Weight Limit: 350 Pounds
  • Bike Size: 25’’ L x 19.7’’ W x 47.6’’ H
  • Portability: Built-In Wheels
  • Bike Weight: approx 30 Pounds

Folding Exercise Bike Buyer’s Guide

Biking is one of the best exercises because of the cardio and muscle toning benefits — it can help to drastically improve endurance and it’s excellent for weight loss. But there’s a lot of bikes available and not everyone has the same needs or goals. With that in mind, we’ll address your questions while giving you sound advice on what to look for in your folding exercise bike. 

What to Consider When Looking for the Best Folding Exercise Bike? 

Your Fitness Level

How fit are you currently? This will determine what level of exercise you need from your bike. Not all bikes have the same resistance levels, so your choice should be dependent on your experience. In our opinion, opt for the bikes with the most resistance levels. These give you a great workout now and you can grow into them as you get more conditioned. 

Your Budget

More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. However, cheap is almost always cheap when it comes to quality. Your budget is something to consider but don’t go for cheap just because you can afford it. It’s better to save a little more and get something you’ll enjoy using. 

Weight Bearing Capacity

The weight-bearing capacity of the bike is also important. Most bikes can handle at least 250 lbs but if you’re near or over that weight, you’ll want something that can handle higher weights. 

The Bike’s Comfortability

A comfortable seat means you can ride longer without the sore bottom which is always nice. Most of the folding exercise bikes also have adjustable seats which can accommodate different heights so you want to make sure it works for you if you’re taller. 

Additional Features

Many folding exercise bikes come with extra features. Some of these may include bigger LCDs, holders for your phone/tablets/laptop or pulse rate handles. However, these features may cost more money, so consider which features you want and which ones you don’t. 

How to Choose the Best Folding Exercise Bike

Ease of Use

One of the most important advantages of using a foldable exercise bike is that they are easy to use. There’s no need to travel to and from the gym to get your daily dose of exercise, but you can have it all done from the comfort of your home. 

Space Saver

Folding bikes don’t take up as much space compared to non-folding bikes. Many of the bikes mentioned in this article can be folded to only half their size, allowing you to stow them away into tight spaces after you’ve used them. You don’t need a big house to have a home gym since they’re perfect for apartments, offices, or shared spaces. 


Folding Exercise bikes come in a range of prices, so there is something for everyone and every budget. 

Multiple Forms of Exercises

Different foldable exercise bikes have a variety of resistance levels, arm and leg bands, adjustable seats and more so you can do tons of workouts. 

Ideal for Beginners

Because of the already mentioned advantages above, folding exercise bikes are perfect for beginners that are just getting started These bikes are also well suited for people trying to lose weight and looking for a more affordable alternative to gyms or more expensive exercise bikes. 

Entertainment Included

Many folding exercise bikes come with holders for phones and tablets, which means you can binge your favorite show while you work out. 

​What’s the difference between a folding exercise bike, spin bike, and recumbent bike?

If you go to the gym, you’ll see plenty of both spin bikes and recumbent bikes. Recumbent bikes are the ones where you sit back against a backrest where your legs are mostly in a horizontal position out in front of you. It’s an excellent option for users who may have back problems. 

A spin or upright stationary bike, on the other hand, has a more traditional bike design. They have the large metal flywheel in the front of the bike, the standard bike seat, and you sit up like you would on an actual bicycle.They’re excellent for cardio workouts and very good for weight loss assuming you ride hard. 

Folding exercise bikes, on the other hand, are sort of an in-between and you’ll never see them in a gym. They don’t offer the same durability or the same resistance levels as a spin or recumbent bike so they wouldn’t work in a gym environment. Folding bikes are designed specifically for home use in an area where you don’t have a lot of space to keep a bike permanently in your room. These bikes are best for beginner to intermediate athletes. If you’re more advanced and you work daily on your bike, then you should consider a spin bike or recumbent bike. We’ve reviewed the top options for both. 

Final Verdict​

In the end, folding exercise bikes are built to make fitness painless and easy, by saving you time traveling to the gym and providing a good cardio workout in the comfort of your home. Not all of the bikes are created equally but the list above consists of the best ones available. However, we have to pick our favorites and they are: 

  • PLENY 3-in-1 Total Body because it has the most resistance levels as well as both leg and arm bands.
  • FitDesk for the workaholic who likes to keep their energy high by exercising while working.
  • Exerpeutic for larger individuals who need a heavy duty frame.

We filtered through a tremendous number of bikes and it can be very hard to tell the difference when searching on your own. They’re all closely priced and claim the same benefits for the most part. The options we found for you are the result of researching many different bikes, reading thousands of reviews, and comparing the features and build quality of each. You can trust that the bikes above are truly the best folding exercise bikes available and even though we rank some higher than others, they’re all good choices.

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