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7 Best Neck & Shoulder Massager For Quick Pain Relief (2021 Reviews)

Many of us experience neck and shoulder pain every day. It could be because of a bad posture, intense workouts, chronic pain, or even stress. That’s why regular massage is recommended and that’s why we have gathered 7 of the best neck and shoulder massagers for you. 

After reviewing the top neck and shoulder massagers, our number one pick is the RESTECK massager. It offers the best balance of power, portability, heat, and comes with a lifetime warranty. 

However, the type of neck and back massager you choose will depend on your preferences. Below we review the 7 best options and put together a buying guide so you can see which one is the best choice for your specific needs.

Let’s jump in…

Our Top Pick

Our Rating


The RESTECK Massager comes with a lifetime warranty, convenient carrying bag, and multiple heat and speed settings. 

Quick Answer: The 7 Top Neck & Shoulder Massagers

  1. RESTECK Massager For Neck & Shoulders
  2. Snailax Cordless Neck & shoulder massager
  3. MaxKare Massage Pillow
  4. Healthmate Forever Pulse Electric Neck Massager
  5. RENPHO Deep Tissue Neck & Back Massager
  6. Snailax Heating & Vibrating Massager
  7. LuxFit Neck & Shoulder Shiatsu Manual Massager

Best Neck & Back Massager Reviews

RESTECK Massager For Neck & Shoulders With Heat

Our Rating


Best Seller & Highest Reviewed

Why we love it: It’s one of the highest reviewed products, comes with a lifetime warranty, and has multiple heat and speed settings. 

Do you love going outdoors but can’t go a day without a massage? Now, you can have both with the Resteck Neck and Back Massager. Although it’s not wireless, you can still transport it anywhere because it comes with a carry bag, a wall AC adapter, and car adapter for use anywhere. It also features a built-in heat function and multiple speed adjustments that give you maximum control over your experience. 

It’s ergonomic design and relatively compact size make it usable for not just your neck and back but also almost all other parts of your body. It’s easy to use on your feet, as a calf massager, on your thighs, and even your arms. 

Finally, it comes with a lifetime warranty so if yours ever breaks down, you can swap it out for a new one anytime. 

Who should buy the RESTECK?

Anyone who travels a lot and needs a versatile massager.

Snailax Cordless Neck & Back Massager

Our Rating


Best Cordless Shiatsu Massager

Why we love it: Cordless operation and a 70 minute run time between charges makes this excellent for those without a plug nearby. 

The Snailax Cordless Neck and Back Massager has a total of 8 3D-kneading massage nodes giving you a deep tissue massage. Similar to the RESTECK, you have heat and speed settings, although not as many, and straps that allow you to manually adjust pressure. What we like about this one is the fact that it’s cordless. It’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery lets you go 70-80 minutes between charges so if you don’t have a plug nearby or you’re on the go, this is a convenient option.  

In the package, you get a charging adapter compatible with 100-240V power input and a free cloth that lessens the acupressure massage feeling from the rotating nodes. And as far as the warranty, you get two years which isn’t bad. 

Who should buy the Snailax Cordless Neck Back Massager?

This is perfect for anyone who needs the freedom of a cordless massager

MaxKare Massage Pillow

Our Rating


Most portable 

Why we love it: Compact design that’s both portable and it lies flat so you can lay on it when you’re in bed. 

The MaxCare massage pillow has four kneading massage nodes and a heat function for relaxing sore muscles. What separates this massager from the others is that it’s built to lay flat and doesn’t have the straps for manually adjusting the pressure of your massage. Instead, you adjust the intensity of your massage by the amount of weight that you put on the massager. And, if you’re worried about it, the massager is powerful enough to handle quite a bit of weight. 

This pillow design makes it ideal for use as a back massager in the car and for use when you’re in bed or lying on the couch. When using it in the car or at your desk chair, it has a stretchy strap that secures it in place for a targeted massage. Overall, it works very well, especially considering how affordable it is. 

Who should buy the MaxKare? 

If you want an affordable and portable option that’s usable in the car, at your desk, and in bed, the MaxKare is excellent. 

HealthmateForever Electronic Pulse Massager

Our Rating


Best for injuries

Why we love it: It’s an affordable TENS unit with multiple pads & settings for therapeutic muscle stimulation. It’s also highly portable and comes with a belt clip. 

The HealthmateForever Electronic Pulse Massager comes with 8 pads that you can use all at the same time to experience a powerful TENS and muscle stimulation. Equipped with 20 adjustable intensity levels, six therapeutic methods, and 9 massage modes it has everything you need for muscle recovery. The unit itself includes a control unit with 4 output ports where you can connect the electrode pads, and an LCD screen to make it easier for you to read your settings. It also features a belt clip and it’s battery operated so you can wear it while you’re doing stuff around the house. 

This is not your typical shiatsu or heat massage. Instead, it’s more like a medical device designed to help with pains caused by Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, menstrual cramps, muscle injuries from exercise, etc. Honestly, it’s so useful and affordable that you should consider getting one in addition to your other massager.

Who should buy HealthmateForever Electronic Pulse Massager?

This product is perfect for anyone who needs treatment for chronic pain and acute injuries. 

RENPHO Deep Tissue Neck & Back Massager

Our Rating


Best percussive massager

Why we love it: Battery operated deep tissue massaging that’s both lightweight and powerful. 

We’ve written about the RENPHO before in our review of the best deep tissue percussion massagers. It’s a powerful and lightweight massage gun that comes with five massage heads to massage specific trigger points. The actual massage itself is percussive, meaning that it pulses. There are multiple settings for the number of pulses per minute and at the highest setting reaches 3,600/minute which is pretty intense. 

If you have specific areas of your back, shoulders, etc. where you get knots and pain, this is an excellent choice. It increases blood flow to the area and breaks up scar tissue to improve the overall flexibility in the area. 

In your package you get the massager, five massage heads and the charging base. 

Who should buy the RENHPO? 

If you have specific knots and tight areas to address, and like a deep tissue massage this is great.

Snailax Heating Pad Vibration Massager

Our Rating


Best for cramps

Why we love it: It’s safe and very relaxing with heat therapy that’s ideal for cramps & muscle spasms. 

The Snailax Heating pad and Vibration massager is made with high-quality silky velvet cloth that is comfortable enough to use anywhere on your body. It features a magnetic clasp that holds it in place and when you’re using it on your back, you wear it almost like a cape. 

As far as features go, it has two massage motors with five speeds and two heat levels. The heat feels exactly like a heating pad but the massagers are somewhat lacking. The motors are placed at the top of the massager so, when wearing it on your back, the vibration is concentrated over your upper back/shoulders. However, when using anywhere else on your body, you have to jimmy rig the position a little to get it just right. That being said, if you suffer from cramps or muscle spasms, the vibrating massage with heat is ideal for you.

In the package you get the basics. It comes with the massager and a low voltage output of 12V wall ac adapter so you can use it at home or at the office. You can also purchase a car adapter if you wish to use it in your car but we don’t recommend you use it while driving.

Who should buy the Snailax Heating Pad Vibration Massager?

This product is perfect for anyone who is into vibration massage therapy. It’s also a perfect gift for adults who suffer from body pain.

LuxFit Neck & Shoulder Shiatsu Manual Massager

Our Rating


Most Budget-friendly 

Why we love it: The Big soft blue balls that give you an amazing hand-like massage.

This manual massager is perfect for massaging your neck, back, and shoulders and relieves pain through direct pressure to targeted areas. It has two soft silicone balls designed to replicate the feeling of masseuse hands and it works pretty well. If you need a cheap neck and shoulder massager, this can do the trick. 

Since this is a manual massager, you can customize the shiatsu massage intensity and control movement and pressure. However, the point of a massage is to relax your muscles and with a manual massager, it’s a bit of a workout just to get the massage. You also want to be careful with its handle as it may break easily when not used properly. 

Who should buy LuxFit Neck and Shoulder Shiatsu Manual Massager?

Anyone who’s looking for a cheap yet effective massager.

How to choose the best neck and shoulder massager

neck and shoulder massagers on table

Type of massage

Shiatsu: Came from the Japanese massage technique in which the human hand is replicated to heal certain pressure points and reduce inflammation. 

Kneading: This technique is very effective in relieving tense muscles because it presses the soft tissues against your bones — and while it sounds painful, it’s really not. It also increases blood circulation, which is good for your body. 

Heat therapy: This function is more of a therapy than a massage. It enhances relaxation and warms up your muscles to improve flexibility and blood flow. 

Vibrating: This technique increases circulation to help relieve stiff muscles.

Power source

corded neck massage pillow

Power source depends on preference. If you have a plug near the couch then it’s not a big deal to get a corded massager. However, if you don’t have a plug nearby or you plan on using your massager on the road, then cordless is clearly the winner. Here’s the pros and cons of each: 

Manual handheld massager

  • Pros: energy-saving, portable, versatile, and budget-friendly.
  • Cons: No speed levels, no function modes, and no head attachments.

Battery Operated

  • Pros: energy-saving, portable, budget-friendly, function modes available, and recommended for travel.
  • Cons: Limited time for usage, may not be able to use it while it’s charging.


  • Pros: Versatile, easy to transport, and can be used for a long period of time.
  • Cons: You have to be near an outlet and you have the cord to deal with. 


There’s not much to say about price because your budget is going to dictate what you spend. However, when it comes to picking a massager, I would go with something that isn’t manual powered (aka you use the power of your arms to massage yourself). While these are by far the cheapest option, they’re frustrating to use and make it hard to relax because you’re both giving and receiving your massage. 

Benefits of a Neck and Shoulder massager

  • It relieves pain on your neck and shoulder area. 
  • You can also use it to several parts of your body. 
  • It relieves stress and improves your mood which you need to keep your energy high. 
  • It improves blood circulation which is not just good for your muscles but your whole body will benefit as well. 
  • It is proven that having a regular massage improves your sleep. As your body relaxes from the massage, it releases hormones that lower your stress level which contributes to better sleep. 


Can I use a neck massager while pregnant?

With the proper recommendation from a doctor, it’s okay to use a neck massager. However, you need to avoid vibration and deep tissue massagers with heat to make sure that it doesn’t trigger any contractions. Make sure to always read the manual before using the massager.

How long can I use a neck massager for?

You can use the neck massager whenever it’s needed. But it’s best to consult a physician to see if you have any neck or back injuries beforehand. Additionally, most back and neck massagers come with a timer that shuts them off after a specific period of time. 

Can you drive while using a neck and shoulder massager?

We strongly advise you to avoid using any type of massager while driving for safety reasons. However, you can use it as a passenger or while you’re taking a rest.

What does a neck and shoulder massager do?

Neck massagers provide excellent relief in neck pain and stiff muscles. It replicates the hand of a professional masseuse and simulates proper blood circulation by using different massage modes and intensity levels.

Summary & Top Choice

While the massager your choose will ultimatly depend on your personal preference, we found the RESTECK to be our overall favorite best neck and shoulder massager. 

It offers the best warranty, great power, its easy to transport and gives a high quality massage. The second best option is the MaxKare massage pillow which performs similarly to the RESTECK but comes in pillow form which may be easier for some users. 

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