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The Best Spin Bikes & Indoor Cycles Reviewed For Quality (2021)

While a lot of people are crowding gyms and throwing away money on monthly memberships, some have fully embraced the wonderful perks of training at home. More and more fitness pros are dedicating their time to making the best home gym setups; think garage gyms. This is probably because by creating your own workout spaces, there’s no one to judge what you’re wearing, how much you sweat, or how you smell. 

From the comfort of your home, you can also fit in a session anytime you want on any equipment you want. So here, we discuss one essential piece for any home gym: spin bikes. We’ve scoured every corner of the internet to find the 7 best spin bikes that money can buy while giving everyone an option that will suit them. From the high-end Nordic Track bike all the way down to the more budget-friendly options from Amazon, here are the top spin bikes.

Our top picks for the best spin bikes

NordicTrack S22i

Our Rating


The Best Spin Bike Overall

Why we love it: Comes with a beautiful 22-inch HD touchscreen display 

The NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle towers over the rest when it comes to both features and functionality. We are so excited about its 22-inch high definition touchscreen display and access to iFit interactive training, which is packaged into this sturdy and well-executed machine.

The NordicTrack S22i is well suited to a wide range of riders, with a commercial-grade frame that’s good for riders up to 350 lbs. It can also be adjusted in multiple directions, so you can find the perfect fit. NordicTrack has always maintained a high build quality and the S22i is no exception. 

Apart from its high-tech display, there’s really not much on this bike that’ll need any kind of maintenance as it ages. Its frame is built for commercial specifications, and by using magnetic resistance rather than friction, it saves the components from wearing out as well.

On top of its touchscreen display and interactive training system is another clever feature. The S22i is one of the very few indoor cycles to offer a variable incline and decline, at +20% and -10% respectively.

As mentioned, the S22i uses magnetic resistance instead of friction, which makes this bike smooth and quiet. It also offers 22 levels of resistance adjustability, which can be controlled by the live instructions when doing iFit classes. 

Who Should Buy the NordicTrack S22i?

For anyone who is a fan of cutting edge tech, the NordicTrack S22i is the spin bike for you.

What makes this bike special?

  • 22-inch HD touchscreen display with on-demand workout videos
  • Uses magnetic resistance rather than friction
  • Adjustable incline and decline
  • Includes two 3 lb dumbells for cross training
  • Touchscreen is fully 360 degree rotational for cross training on and off the bike


  • 22 levels of resistance adjustability 
  • Wheels on the front so you can easily move the bike around 

Marcy Revolution Cycle XJ-3220 

Our Rating


Best bike to get value for money

Why we love it: Gym-quality indoor cycling bike for less the price of an annual gym membership 

The Marcy Revolution Cycle is made from durable steel, boasts a balanced 40-pound flywheel as well as basket cage pedals to prevent feet from slipping out.

The adjustable handlebars and seat allow you to correctly position yourself for the perfect ride. The Marcy Revolution Cycle XJ-3220 fits right into any home gym, and won’t take up much space at 40 inches long and 20.5 inches wide.

Despite its petite frame, this bike can carry weights of up to 300 lbs. The bike’s handlebar is also foam padded and adjusts vertically. 

It offers four different holding positions, which suits many workouts, letting users alternate between numerous forms of sitting and standing to work different muscles.

The adjustable pedals also help to keep feet safely in place. Reviewers say that the bike is sturdy yet easy to move around the house thanks to transport wheels. People do, however, recommend investing in a gel seat cover, since the saddle can be uncomfortable.

The Marcy Revolution Cycle XJ-3220 may not be the flashiest stationary bike on the market, but it has everything cyclers need to stay in shape.

Who Should Buy the Marcy Revolution Cycle XJ-3220?

This bike is for anyone wanting the full range of what a spin bike can do for them without having to pay premium prices.

What makes this bike special?

  • Very affordable at the time of this writing
  • Many resistance levels
  • Small frame for saving space


  • Wide resistance range
  • Great features for its price
  • Multiple handlebar grips
  • Small frame won’t take up much space
  • Holds up to 300 lbs 
  • 40 lb flywheel
  • Chain driven 

Sole SB900

Our Rating


Best choice for a simpler bike without the tech

Why we love it: Sturdy build for an affordable price

Getting back to basics here, the Sole SB900 is the perfect answer for someone that just wants to hop on and ride without the distraction of technology and programming.

Get on, set your resistance, and go — that’s the way things roll with this affordably priced unit. Its whisper-quiet magnetic resistance is yet again the name of the game here, and with the SB900 you’re getting one of the most affordable bikes out there with this technology.

Adjustability and overall comfort are quite solid with the Sole SB900 and earning it high marks in all categories. 

It’s good for riders up to 300 lbs and is also one of the bikes in this list with the most comfortable seats for an indoor cycle.

The SB900 is very well engineered and is backed by a very respectable warranty too. Its commercial-grade steel frame has a lifetime warranty, along with other components that are covered for 3 years. So if you’re looking for a simpler, less techie bike, there’s nothing more you could want from the Sole SB900. 

Who Should Buy the Sole SB900?

This is a killer option for those on a budget who are prioritizing build quality and durability over the inclusion of high-tech gadgetry. While it’s not for everyone, it’s still a smart choice for the budget-conscious. 

What makes this bike special?

  • Has one of the most comfortable seats
  • Offers whisper-quiet magnetic resistance
  • Lifetime warranty on frame


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Takes up to 300 lbs
  • Straightforward, durable design
  • 40 lb flywheel
  • Magnetic resistance 

Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike

Our Rating


Best for seniors as it is super lightweight 

Why we love it: The company has considered all ages when they designed this; even seniors will have no problem operating it

The Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike is a smooth, durable and easy to maintain bike designed to enable cyclists to exceed past their limits. In addition to its sturdy steel frame and near-silent belt drive, the Yosuda cycling bike features many customizable settings. It is decked out with a 35 lbs flywheel, LCD monitor, tablet holder, and water bottle holder. Its 2-way adjustable hand bar and 4-way seat provide cyclists a comfortable riding feel. It also comes with transportation wheels that make it easy to move, while its maximum capacity is up to 270 lbs.

If you haven’t heard of it, that’s probably because the company only makes exercise bikes. As mentioned above, this is a super quiet, belt-driven bike that won’t drown out the TV while you’re getting in your afternoon workout. Overall, the Yosuda is a great bike with a killer 30-day full refund guarantee and a 1-year free parts replacement warranty. While this bike is definitely made with the budget-conscious in mind, it’s also one of the most highly rated on Amazon with over 700 reviews and 4.3/5 stars as of this writing.

Who Should Buy the Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike?

This bike is an excellent choice for seniors and anyone who is looking for an affordable option to exercise at home. 

What makes this bike special?

  • Offers one of the most affordable prices at the time of this writing
  • Comes with an LCD display monitor


  • Simple and easy to build and use
  • Takes up to 270 lbs
  • 35 lb flywheel
  • Belt driven system that’s quieter than a chain
  • Also comes with an iPhone/iPad mount

Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

Our Rating


Best budget-friendly option

Why we love it: It arguably has the best reputation with over 1,700 reviews on Amazon at the time of this writing.

As one of the most affordable bikes in the list at the time of this writing, the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is a prime example of a budget-friendly “get what you pay for” model.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike has a 40-pound chrome flywheel, which is heavy enough for a smooth ride. It uses a caliper-style friction resistance system, which means it’s a wearable item that will require replacement.

While the included seat can be hard for some, you can replace it with a seat you find more comfortable. In terms of handlebars, the Sunny Health & Fitness has padded grips that add comfort and prevent your hands from slipping.

Because of its basic design, you don’t get nearly as much ergonomic adjustability on this bike.

If you’re under 5’7″ or over 6’2″, you’re likely to be uncomfortable. Frame construction of the Sunny Health indoor cycle is decent overall, however, its moving parts are where the concern lies.

Reports of premature failures in pedals, pedal straps, and other places have been noted. One user claimed that she was riding heavily and trouble-free, though she also mentioned that she was lubricating the bike’s moving parts weekly. 

Who Should Buy the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike?

This model is really more of a starter bike for people who are on a budget or are looking for their first bike.

What makes this bike special?

  • Great for those just starting out
  • Simple, straightforward bike that’s easy to assemble and use


  • Takes up to 275 lbs
  • Uses a friction resistance system 
  • Seats can be changed for more comfort
  • 40 lb flywheel
  • Chain and belt driven options

Schwinn Fitness AC Performance Plus Indoor Cycling Bike

Our Rating


Best for those who want to feel like they’re riding a real bike 

Why we love it: Its Carbon Blue technology makes the experience feel authentically outdoorsy

When you look at the Schwinn AC Performance Plus, it’s clear that the bike is the perfect pairing of indoor and outdoor attributes. It has long, angled handles with rubber grips and a large padded seat like you’d find on any indoor cycle.

But what’s magical about it is that the magnets keep the bike quiet enough that you could cycle next to someone sleeping without waking them.

In addition, the pedals give you two options; you can ride with normal athletic shoes in supportive toe cages or use SPD fittings that allow you to clip special shoes to them. 

The belt drive on the Schwinn Fitness AC Performance Plus is made of carbon fiber that requires no maintenance.

Likewise, the magnets never touch the 36-pound flywheel, so there is no wear and tear on that front either. The frame is made of aluminum, a material that traditionally yields strong but lightweight bikes, and it doesn’t rust.

Schwinn is proud of its belt drive because it uses Carbon Blue technology to make the riding experience feel authentically outdoorsy, and we think they’ve been successful. 

Who Should Buy the Schwinn AC Performance Plus? 

People who find normal indoor bicycles inauthentic should purchase the Schwinn — no other bike on this list comes as close to offering an experience that mimics outdoor riding.

What makes this bike special?

  • Carbon Blue belt drive gives the feeling of riding an actual bike outdoors.
  • Solid aluminum build that won’t rust
  • Extremely quite ride


  • Comes with Carbon Blue belt drive technology
  • Takes up to 350 lbs
  • 36 lb flywheel
  • Magnetic resistance for a quiet ride

Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle

Our Rating


Best in performance 

Why we love it: Excellent ratings and a unique design

The key to this machine’s excellence is its groundbreaking Eddy Current magnetic resistance system, which the company spent ten years developing.

Without getting into boring detail, the design gives you 24 full gears of eerily-quiet, realistic biking ranging from easygoing to grueling, all in the comfort of your home.

On top of that, the Keiser M3 almost never needs maintenance, because the moving parts in the drive system never touch each other; when you change gears, the flywheel simply moves closer to (or further from) the magnetic field. 

The flywheel is also positioned at the back of the bike which ensures that sweat does not fall in causing damage.

There are also fully adjustable features on the M3, including the seat, fore, and aft handlebars and Shimano Combo pedals. The onboard LCD display shows most of the data you’d expect; the only thing it’s missing is the type of pre-programmed options you find on upright stationary bikes an improved console so you can pair the “bike” with your mobile device (and a free app) via Bluetooth to record your workout.

Who Should Buy the Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle?

If spin cycling is your lifestyle — if you live, eat, and breathe spinning — then this is the bike for you. 

What makes this bike special?

  • Unique build requires almost zero maintenance
  • Extremely quiet magnetic resistance system
  • Excellent for dedicated riders who compete in races and need a pro-level training bike


  • Exclusive Eddy Current magnetic resistance system
  • Offers 24 gears for all your training needs 
  • Takes up to 300 lbs
  • Onboard LCD and Bluetooth connection 
  • 8 lb flywheel that feels heavier due to their ingenious design

women and men on spin bikes

What is a Spin Bike? 

There are three types of indoor exercise bikes. Although we exclusively spoke about spin bikes above, it still won’t hurt to briefly mention the other two. The three types of indoor cycles are a spin bike, recumbent exercise bike, and the upright exercise bike.

The spin bike is the newest addition to indoor cycles. It was developed in the 80s and was initially known as the indoor cycling bike. Unlike the other two indoor cycles, the spin bike was designed to give an authentic cycling experience similar to riding an outdoor bike.

What to Look for in a Spin Bike

While this list has an option for everyone, it’s still important to address a few questions before finalizing your decision. There are things to consider, before going to Amazon and clicking on that add to cart button.

Flywheel Weight

The flywheel is the elevated wheel located in the front of a spin bike.

When looking at spin bikes, you will want to look at the weight of the flywheel. The weight of the flywheel dictates the motion of the bike, the greater the weight, the smoother the motion.

Home-based spin bikes generally have a flywheel weight of around 35-40 lbs. When looking for a spin bike, avoid getting a spin bike with a flywheel weight of less than 35 lbs., anything less than 35 lbs, is too light to provide a smooth and seamless motion. The exception is the Keiser M3 because they’ve figured out a magnetic system that only needs a smaller flywheel. 

Frame and the Legs

The frame, irrespective of the type of bike, is extremely important. Look for a spinning bike with a strong stabilizing frame and wide legs for optimum balance. It can be a bit difficult to assess the frame of a bike if you’re buying online. However, since most bikes have a solid frame, try to focus on the legs and make sure the legs are wide enough that the bike remains properly balanced even with the most rigorous of use.

Drive System

Spin bikes have two different types of drive systems. One is a chain-based drive system, and the other is a belt-based drive system. If possible, always opt for a belt-driven spin bike. A belt drive system is superior in many ways. Firstly, it barely makes any sound. Also, it doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance as a chain-drive does. Lastly, belts are simply easier to adjust.

Braking System

There are three different types of braking systems. You can find a spin bike with fabric brake-pads, leather brake-pads, and magnetic braking. The magnetic braking system is a truly magnificent achievement. These braking systems are completely silent as there is no physical contact. They offer a far greater range of resistance, and it requires absolutely no maintenance or replacement. 

Modes of Resistance

There are four types of resistance mechanisms found on a spinning bike. There is cable resistance, manual screw resistance, electronic, magnetic resistance, and electromagnetic resistance.


Almost every type of indoor bike offers adjustable seats, as well as an adjustable handle. Different types of bikes offer variable degrees of adjustability.

Adjustability is particularly important if you’re overweight or really tall, which would require some adjustments. But adjustability is generally not much of an issue as most bikes offer the ability to adjust a seat vertically as well as horizontally. The same goes for the bike’s handle.

Display Screen

Almost all spin bikes come with a display screen. The most basic system would show the speed of the bike, the total distance traveled and the estimated calories burnt during the workout.

Some bikes offer slightly more information. For example, it would display real-time information on the user’s heart rate or provide the ability to set goals based on distance traveled, etc.

Bike Pedals

Most spin bike pedals have a toe strap attached to it for stability. Some bikes, of the commercial variety, feature a special type of strap for the SPD cleat on specialist cycling shoes. These are a bit more secure than the toe strap. But there isn’t much to worry about in this regard.

Bottle Holder

Spin cycling can be just as strenuous as outdoor cycling and would induce as much perspiration as any other form of workout. So keeping properly hydrated is extremely important.

Most spin bikes have a water bottle holder, and some of the high-end models even offer a double holder. The important thing to look at is the location of the bottle holder, a lot of times, it can be difficult to reach the bottle while cycling. It is something to keep in mind when you’re looking for a spin bike.

Transportation Wheels

Indoor bikes are generally quite difficult to transport, particularly spin bikes, which have a heavyweight flywheel attached to it, making it near impossible to transport. This is why it is really important to have transport wheels on your spin bike, especially if you are getting it for your home where space is usually limited.

Our Final Verdict

As with anything, when you’re shopping for a new spin bike, you’re trying to find the features you need at the best possible price. Every bike has its pros and cons, and all seven of these bikes occupy and dominate their own niche. However, if we divide the bikes by price range (low, medium, and high), three bikes rise to the top:

Low Price Range (at time of writing): YOSUDA indoor cycling bike

If you’re strapped for cash, or just want an introduction to spin cycling, the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike will help you enjoy getting into working out at home, without the worry that your bike is going to fall apart on you.

Mid Price Range (at time of writing): Sole SB900

A step up in build quality, a heavy-duty flywheel, and a rock-solid warranty give the Sole SB900 an upper hand in the mid-range. 

High Price Range (at time of writing): NordicTrack S22i

At the end of the day, the S22i isn’t even the highest spec spin bike on the market from NordicTrack, but it delivers significant quality and tech that rivals its competition, though at a much more reasonable cost overall. This is why we chose the S22i as our favorite premium spin bike right now.

Whatever you decide, we hope you get a lot of miles out of your new spin bike!

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